* Author Topic: Low AMH/High FSH Cycle Buddies - Part 8  (Read 24204 times)

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Low AMH/High FSH Cycle Buddies - Part 8
« Reply #70 on: 4/08/20, 08:03 »
As if this wasn't  enough I'm also bleeding terribly and my blood pressure is through the roof.


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    Low AMH/High FSH Cycle Buddies - Part 8
    « Reply #71 on: 4/08/20, 14:09 »
    If your bleeding And have BP issues
    I wouldnít travel for another day
    Please take care and stay calm
    Sending big hugs

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    Low AMH/High FSH Cycle Buddies - Part 8
    « Reply #72 on: 4/08/20, 14:13 »
    Long protocol with nasal spray worked for me previously
    However with suprecur I had a early LH surge
    Maybe I should try long protocol with nasal however I am scared the pill be over suppressive now
    I canít believe how painful my period is after today  after this cycle
    Maybe the ovaries became overly sore after the flushing 

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    Low AMH/High FSH Cycle Buddies - Part 8
    « Reply #73 on: 4/08/20, 15:17 »
    Dorchestor,  thank you. I'm very sad but not surprised.  I changed my flights and hotel so i could go back to London today. With no egg/hope I struggle lingering longer in Munich.

    I don't have any sedation during egg collection so I feel everything but my doc is pretty good and gets the egg out with one puncture unlike what happened today. I started refusing sedation after an unfortunate egg collection in london when I ended up with massive internal bleeding but i didn't realise things were wrong cos I was sedated. Now I feel I need to be present and see for myself whats going on in the operating theatre.

    I checked your link but tbh Mira seems similar to fertility monitor.  Once they start testing for progesterone it might be worth investing but at the moment its the same urine sticks for LH and estrogen. Its unlikely to be any more accurate than fertility monitor.

    What's PRP.?

    I know my estrogen levels rise in LP after bfp, otherwise they are lower then trigger level.

    Although it could be that your follicles start growing in LP rather than from cd1. I have had cycles like this. On fact my previous egg collection was on day 4 cos my follicle was ready and estrogen was up.

    I do think progesterone 16 is normal after lh surge/ trigger / ovulation/ egg collection. 

    I was also worried about nasal oversuppresing . In fact brno clinic told me not to do this protocol but somehow it turned out to be one of my most successful protocols.  Having said that the munich doc told me its more to do with a particular cycle rather than protocol.  Some cycles are just better than others .

    Anyway i stocked up 4K worth of meds in Munich,  how ridiculous! But somehow you can't buy these meds in london particularly with foreign prescription

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    Low AMH/High FSH Cycle Buddies - Part 8
    « Reply #74 on: 4/08/20, 19:42 »
    I would want to go home but also must be safe
    You need your immunity and strength to travel

    The kit can help with LH levels
    As mine rise early I will get a better idea quicker
    It will also give actual numbers rather then just a peak

    I am more worried about pill being over suppressive
    Also I donít think I would get more then 2 eggs max with long now
    However it would keep the LH lower which would help the follicle environment

    Think Tamaxifin can help with LH lower ...

    Would you do back to back stimms
    Is A 100 dose fsh ok dialy rather then 150?

    Prp is stem cells for ovaries

    I donít think itís LP growth
    Unless the hormones shows ovulation however the follicle
    stays and Tries to ovulate again...

    As the day 22 prog rose to 16
    LH stayed lower in LP
    Only E2 is 900
    FSH a is 7 probably suppressed by high e2 ...

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    Low AMH/High FSH Cycle Buddies - Part 8
    « Reply #75 on: 9/08/20, 13:37 »
    Sorry I missed your last cycle,  I agree with Briss, your natural LH is too high,  and you need to keep LH lower.
    Were you taking letrazole, is there a reason your E2 was low?

    Some clinics give a little progesterone to do this. 

    However in your case I would do a natural supported cycle,  start Cetrotide when your LH goes about 10, and there will be a little bit of stims there to support.

    Have your FSH checked on day 2-3, if your FSH is <15 continue, if it is higher than 25 wait a month.   

    I have had successes with back to back cycles, and if you are using sims I agree it can be successful.
    If you are doing it more naturally then I also see the point of having time off.   Some months I just get a feeling that my peri-menopausal symptoms are strong and it wonít be good,  those months I skip just on instinct now, i expect it correlates with baseline FSH though if you wanted a way to help you decide yourself.

    So sorry to hear about your stabbing egg collection - and then them missing it.  And then the bleeding.  Sorry to hear about the bleeding are you OK?

    Are you trying naturally?  - I thought you were going to do some with some support / low dose stims.

    again shame it wasnít a natural miracle, I always hope. 
    I sometimes have 2 ovulations per month, and it normally means the first one was not great.

    Just hang on in there - AF will arrive.

    Drove to reprofit in June - completely natural cycle  - very disappointed, 1 lovely health follicle, with fantastic E2 (1400) , Linning 11mm - they collected too early (the day after a natural peak) and it was immature (M1), although they matured in the lab, it wasnít ready and didnít fertilise.   We have now had quite a few cycles at reprofit and ended up with nothing - Iím not sure my eggs like their lab, I think they need more gentle handling.

    Had July off.

    Went to Athens last week - natural supported cycle, 
    Was extremely stressful getting there due to the passenger locator issues.

    They Collected 1 top quality egg on d14, and fertilised normally after their patented sperm selection techniques, and produced a top top quality 8 cell, d3 embryo.  Linning 12mm - so I am now 3dp3dt  - very excited.

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    Low AMH/High FSH Cycle Buddies - Part 8
    « Reply #76 on: 12/08/20, 20:55 »
    Keeping everything crossed for you Queenie! Xxx

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    Low AMH/High FSH Cycle Buddies - Part 8
    « Reply #77 on: 13/08/20, 10:28 »
    Thanks Rocket,

    This waiting game is hard,  Now 7dp3dt and have painful boobs (but sometimes do anyway).  - struggling so hard not to do cheap test yet.   
    Have ordered blood test to do from home for next week so I don't have to get the train into London.

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    Low AMH/High FSH Cycle Buddies - Part 8
    « Reply #78 on: 13/08/20, 18:46 »
    Queenie, your last Serum cycle sounds so exciting!! I am keeping everything crossed. From all the cycles I've done I did notice that good looking embryos seem to have a better chance afterall.  I am sorry Reprofit missed your egg, very disappointing. I have to agree that on balance I had much less success at Reprofit and no idea why as so many around me achieved their dreams through this clinic. I am tempted to consider Serum again but that would require my DH to go on a sperm improvement regime which is very hard to even start this conversation. I am relying on frozen sperm that we have in munich/Brno. I am wishing you best of luck with this cycle I so hope this is it.

    Dorcheter, it's interesting that Mira gives actual numbers but I'd still be wary cos it's urine based rather than blood so a lot depends on how diluted it is. Do you know anyone who uses this system?

    as to stim doses I really do not know. I am ofter on 225 pergoveris or elonva which is just one injection on day 2. I could probably do a lower dose considering I only have one follicle anyway.

    I used to do back to back natural and I did a couple of back to back stims. My latest BFP was the result of the second back to back stim cycle so maybe there is something in it.

    I am not sure about stem cells for ovaries. I previously was not ready to consider this because I had normal cycle but now I am clearly approaching fertility decline so I may think about it.

    afm, despite traumatic egg collection I am gearing up to try again once my doc returns from his annual leave. at this point I am really not sure what I am hoping for my FSH was over 50... and no proper cycle. Do I even have good eggs?

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    Low AMH/High FSH Cycle Buddies - Part 8
    « Reply #79 on: 13/08/20, 20:23 »
    Queenie: good luck!
    I have a good feeling for you this time 
    Donít do any tests until when you should
    Fingers and toes crossed for u
    I am sure the Macs sperm system will help - why donít UK clinics do it? We really need this
    It feels like the UK is always behind with these things

    Thanks for all your recent help
    I will write a letter - they shouldnít have left me over the weekend after which my LH rose From 8-20 and didnít come down
    I have many reasons to push my case... which could have had a different outcome
    However feel drained trying trying to fight this battle even though they have lakh of communication for knowing I ovulate early and still leaving me - as I want to carry on - but I have to get closure and feel they are wrong.

    I am now thinking maybe I have LP follicles
    Because bloods for day 22:
    Prog 16
    LH 4
    Estrogen 900
    Fsh 7

    Maybe Iíll consider Fertility Plus Dr Gudi (Apple twig twins success) who does LP stims and Apple twig had many eggs collected with Isci they can also do embryo batching
    I donít think Create will do L phase

    He also believes in helping low AMH ladies 
    I heard LP eggs can be better quality as the circulating LH is lower due to progesterone levels being higher
    They do this back to back in China - Shanghai protocol for poor responders!

    Interesting to know prog can help LH
    Do clinics offer this? Does Create?

    I donít know anyone using it
    But I could test a few LH levels and then check it against real bloods
    Which fertility monitor is good?
    hope you are feeling better now?
    I feel I  have high fsh as my cycles are irregular now and also had a few months break during
    Coronavirus which was a stressful time

    If a Fsh on day 22 which was a level of 7 is it suppressed by E2 900
    Whatís  the ratio?

    Briss do you only take one injection on day 2?
    I feel the eggs can still be fine
    Itís the hormonal environment
    Which PRP can help!
    They say 1/10 eggs after 40 are normal...
    Do you believe this

    My Cycles are also out now compared to 6 months ago
    I would do prp to help quality or improve hormonal environment
    However where is the best place?
    Itís different in every clinic
    Shall we try and locate a good European clinic who safely does this

    I am day 10 now and have a mild LH line
    Will try naturally
    Didnít check yesterday though
    Maybe last months stims will help this natural cycle?

    Hope all others are strong