* Author Topic: Low AMH/High FSH Cycle Buddies - Part 8  (Read 3977 times)

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Low AMH/High FSH Cycle Buddies - Part 8
« Reply #50 on: 12/05/20, 16:44 »
Rocket, Queenie, sunshine and MSJ, thank you so so much for your wishes! If it can happen to me then it can happen to anyone!! Lots of love k x


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    Low AMH/High FSH Cycle Buddies - Part 8
    « Reply #51 on: 22/05/20, 16:04 »
     Hello ladies, I hope everyone is doing well and coping with the current situation. Itís been a while. I stayed away from TTC trying to focus on my new job but itís not going well. I thought it was going to feel liberating not to have to plan EC/ET every month. I think I lost something during my TTC years when I prioritised TTC over my career or maybe I am generally tired and cant quite bounce back, I just do not have it in me to cope with the pressures of work in the City. I am feeling stressed and disappointed in myself that I did not perform as well as I hoped and I did not give it my absolute best.  And I am still longing for a sibling for my daughter.

    Kat, I am SO SO SO happy for you, words cannot describe it! You are an inspiration for perseverance and hope.

    Rocket, how are you and little Bethany?

    Queenie, how are you holding up? I also thought about London clinics, I mean I practically can walk to Create but I just have so little trust in them. Iíd have considered Create for natural IVF but as things stand itís no longer an option. As for stims I only ever had embryos and even BFP with Munich. As much as I am tempted to give it a go with Create (rather than just waste the time waiting) I just feel I would end up feeling even more disappointed and poorer. They did not want me to continue with my own eggs 6 years ago, what are they going to say now when I am definitely in peri M situation. I am thinking of writing to Munich to see how things are. Looks like the scanning places are still working and I am sure I could find a local bloods venue. Theoretically if Germany is open I can still fly and stay until ET and then quarantine in London for 2 weeks while working from home. I think the first step is antibody test. I had a very nasty pneumonia in early January (before covid testing began). Took me 3 months to stop coughing. Am really hoping it was it but there is no way to be sure. We have been completely cocooned at home with no access to the outside world except for food/post deliveries since early March. I ventured to the post office the other day and was surprised to see that nobody is wearing masks. I do not even know whatís going on in London. I stopped watching news in mid April just cant take so much disappointment.

    MSJ, how are you? I personally do not believe in hidden C, I also tested positive but it means nothing. I usually have a scan with dr Jurkovic every now and then to see whatís what. Last year I had persistent pain in my ovary but he could not find anything. It went away after 8 months or so but I might do another scan with him before cycling again. I trust him cos he could tell me more about my ovaries from a scan then a doctor at a st Maryís hospital after doing a lap. I was able to see him a few times via GP referral but on private insurance. You can ask your GP but I doubt they can refer to him (which is a shame cos my lap was paid for by nhs and everybody would have been better off just sending me for a scan with Dr Jurkovic). With regards to some other underlying infection Ė itís totally possible. You cant test for everything. DH and I just went ahead and took antibiotics at the same time. We do that from time to time . clinics and Russia and Greece routinely prescribe antibiotics before IVF. It also worked for a quite a few couples I know who got pregnant naturally after AB even though they had no symptoms of any infection. I think you can still try to get a scan or MRI on an nhs cos your symptoms relate to miscarriage and potentially it can be dangerous (I do not think it is but this could be your line to build a case for referral).  Itís funny you mentioned your DH making spicy meals, I have the same situation at home, my DH adds some nasty triple hot stuff on everything I cook which completely ruins it in my mind and when he cooks he does not realise itís too hot for a normal person to eat. But we do have more pressing things to argue about like his beer consumption levels Ö

    Mac, I cant even imagine what 6 embryos in the freezer feels like! It must be thrilling. itís always so good to reach the ET stage! I hope your embryo is doing well and making a comfortable home. Best of luck!

    Babyhopeful, how are you doing? Have you ended up doing the split dose of stims with half in the morning and half in the evening? It sounds very interesting actually.

    Sunshine, How are you doing?

    Saltysea, are you still with Lister? Are you able to cycle?

    Afm, I no longer have a cycle. I cant even use my monitor. I have no idea when and if my next period is coming, it could be 12 days or 40, proper AF or some sort of spotting. I almost never have 2ww / high progesterone symptoms and my estrogen/sex drive levels are just random. And I am still only 43. I am hoping that this might be to do with having back to back stim cycles last year but of course it is more likely to do with the M thing   But I feel like I am probably hitting the middle age crisis as well.

    Still, I find myself thinking more and more about trying again. Unfortunately I can no longer do natural IVF but I might still have one or two stim cycles in me. My monthly trips to Munich/Brno seem almost nostalgic now. I recall struggling at one point holding on to full time high pressure job while constantly planning my EC/ET trips and working from hotels and cafes while trying to ignore pains after EC. What fun (I mean it does seem so compared to being imprisoned in your own house with no possibility of flying anywhere without being stuck in a 2 week quarantine). I did think about doing IVF in London but frankly I do not trust local clinics. I never had any luck with them (granted I only tried two). If anything the current crisis revealed the difference in medical care in Germany and UK. So Iíd have to wait until they open the borders.