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Low AMH/High FSH Cycle Buddies - Part 8
« Reply #210 on: 21/11/20, 00:05 »
Hi all,

Hope everyone is doing ok in these challenging times!

Not sure if anyone is still around on this thread but just looking for a bit of advice as you are all so knowledgable.

After my last double embryo transfer that resulted in a bfn I asked the consultant about investigations for implantation failure. We agreed the best plan was to have a hystersonography scan (saline/Aqua scan). This was to check the cavity etc. This was all clear and I continued with meds for FET. However after 20 days on estrogen tablets and pessaries my lining was not moving beyond 5.5mm. The consultant now thinks I should have a hysteroscopy to rule out any small scarring before we transfer this embryo. Itís so so expensive and just wondering whether you think itís worth it? I was surprised he suggested this after the normal scan but he thought perhaps it missed something more minute.

I only have this one blast in the freezer and donít want to put it back if implantation is an issue but Iím in two minds.

Any thoughts would be gratefully  received.
Hi Mouse80,

Sorry to jump in here and I have been reading your post. I just had hysteroscopy on Monday and my insurance paid for it. There is no need to say for fertility. I am doing it before my FET plus ERA. It will be my first FET so want to tick as many boxes as I can before.

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    Low AMH/High FSH Cycle Buddies - Part 8
    « Reply #211 on: 21/11/20, 22:48 »
    Just to add I had hysteroscopy and consultant advised laparoscopy too. After failed DE cycles with perfect embryos.

    Good job I had the laparoscopy too as hysteroscopy found a perfect cavity but outside there was endometriosis and nasty cysts on my ovary. All removed.

    But if youíre having a hysteroscopy you may as well have laparoscopy too And a D&C. Recovery is days. And itís far more beneficial from a diagnostic point of view. And most gynaecologist consultants would suggest both anyway especially those dealing with fertility stuff. 

    Covered on health insurance too. As my symptoms were pain.

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    Low AMH/High FSH Cycle Buddies - Part 8
    « Reply #212 on: 22/11/20, 09:05 »
    Thanks for the replies. I donít have health insurance so will be paying and itís quite expensive. However I think itís worth it to rule out any cavity issues as itís taking 6 cycles to get 3 blasts so I should make sure that everything is ok before transferring the last one as not sure I can do six more to get such small numbers!

    Does anyone know how long it takes for a period to arrive after a cancelled medicated fet?

    Thanks all