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Any single ladies starting IVF in March?

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Hi all, I should hopefully be starting my short protocol high dose stims in March so am looking to find some other single ladies in the same timeframe.

This will be my first time doing IVF. I might be single but Iím so very ready to be a mum.

Iím absolutely terrified as Iím 36, found out my AMH is almost non-existent at 0.44 pmol and at my initial scan I only had two decent sized follicles.

I need to wait a cycle to check my FSH levels etc. which means I have to wait an extra month...and I hate waiting!!!  ;D

I know it only takes one good egg so Iím keeping my fingers crossed  ^pray^ (whilst I tap my feet impatiently waiting for March).  ^bigbad^

Iím struggling right now with whether I do a freeze all the first time and then immediate after do a fresh / freeze dependant on embryo quality.

Does anyone know if you have to decide in advance of the cycle, or if it can be decided with the embryologist at day 3 or 5?

I feel like I have to gather as many eggs as possible now as, even if Iím successful Iíll limit any chance of a 2nd child if I donít do it all upfront.

Iím okay with using DEs but feel I have to give my OEs a chance first.

My current plan is:

Cycle 1: Freeze all if any eggs are retrieved, then if they make it to blast and finally if are good enough quality to freeze. (Thereís a lot of ifs and buts in there.)

Cycle 2 (if the above is successful): fresh transfer with any remaining quality blasts frozen.

Cycle3: FET transfer if the fresh cycle didnít work.

Cycle 4: Another FET transfer if I have remaining blasts OR at this point Iíll move onto DE FET

Cycle 5: Remaining DE via FET if any viable blasts.

Anyway, would love to chat with other ladies looking to start around the same time as me. Lurking in the forums itís been wonderful to see the bonds formed and the levels of support the ladies have given each other.

Hope to chat soon!


Hello, I am due to start my first round of IVF 14/15th February - AMH 9.2 and AFC of 10 - my numbers are not too shabby for 42, but egg quality will be an issue so I am taking a wait and see approach to the first cycle - If I am lucky enough to get more than a couple of embryos then I will be PGS testing and then they will be frozen. Otherwise I will do a fresh transfer and cross my fingers. My consultant has said these decisions can be taken once the picture is clear post egg collection.



Hi Sjayne,


Thatís good to know. Itís comforting to know you can tweak your plan as you go.

Fingers crossed you get some good embies!

Which clinic are you with?


Iím with Manchester Fertility - really positive experience so far and very Ďsingles friendlyí!



Ah, thatís good. Iím with the Lister and they are great about singles.

Iím getting impatient about starting now, but having looked at the calendar it should come around quickly.

Only two weeks to go for you!

Do you have good family support behind you?



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