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A thread for everybody undergoing or thinking about treatment in 2020.

I値l kick this thread off!

I知 single, broody, have the worst AMH at 0.44 and at my last scan my AFC was 2 BUT I知 still hopeful and will be starting my first cycle in early March with OE & DS.

I値l be on high stims short protocol. Not too worried about the needles as had to inject myself in the tummy after a skiing accident a few years back. I知 more worried I値l mess up the timings of the injections or get things the wrong way around!

But, I知 truly excited for what lies ahead (I know, a naive first timer  ;D )


Hi - I am 43 and have upcoming appoinmtent at BCRM re Double donation treatment asap .  Had 4 failed OE treatments IVF between October and January, before that looked for AI donors ( a disaster/dangerous), had IVF once years ago too  ....many years of loss/ hope. Finding the DCN helpful inc a library you can borrow from . So looking towards a new clinic and moving in an unknown direction with some hope .  Non anonymity feels important for me in regards to donors  - what a challenging journey this is !    xx

Hi Snowdropwood!

Yes, it is a challenging journey (and I致e only just begun!) so I知 just feeling the tip of the sword in relation to you. I知 sorry you致e experienced what you have!

I知 with you on  non-anonymity. And everything I致e read on ladies who are a DE recipient all points to how they池e so glad they did. Not one has regretted it. The odds are so much better too. Your flame of hope can burn brighter 🔥

Does BCRM have a long waitlist for DD? I know there痴 quite a scale in waiting times across the various clinics.

AFM, I知 also expecting to need to turn to DD but as this is my first go round I need to understand what my body is doing first. I might get lucky and they値l collect some eggs which will be decent enough to fertilise and turn into Blasts, but with an AMH of 0.44 pmo/L I知 also being realistic

On the positive, my AF finally came this morning - only 4 days later than normal. I suspect the Levothyroxcin has played a bit of havoc with my system!


HI there - BS  - yes it is a challenging journey ! Things changed for me in the time i was having O/E treatment ( grierf /loss) and also in  support from others who have walked the path / DCN/ this forum/ talking etc and DD treatment feels the next right step for me  - I consider the ethics deeply and need to know within that I am making a kind , loving and ethical next may never work and if so I will have to accept that ....

Just wondered your age and where  you are having treatment ? I had OE treatment at 42/43 even though the stats were pretty small ........

BCRM doesnt have a wait list for egg donation and i have first appoint there on Monday with Consultant and I will prob move forward with DD. I have 2 ampules of sperm as only used 1 in the O/E treatment  . I was with Create Clinic for the O/E treatment and they do have a wait list for E/D  ( 6 moths approx ) . Exeter was 2 years !   I prob would like a second opinion too from another clinic too and  BCRM has a dedicated egg donation co ordinator and a significantly sized team there.....

It sounds like you are starting your treatment now ? I am sure you will be fine with the injections and so on - the clinic wrote everything down or i wrote it in my diary, there is usually an out of hours number if you need anything and hopefully the staff are all supportive for you ? Hopefully freinds/ family / work can be kind and understanding as best they can ........

really good luck - keep us posted how you are doing



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