* Author Topic: PGS or PGT-A tested embryos - how many did you transfer?  (Read 516 times)

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Hi all

For those of you who have had testing done on embryos, I am curious to know how many normal embryos did you transfer in one go? I am thinking because the embryos have been tested and only normal ones will be transferred, that it may be better to just transfer one at a time, rather than two (which is what we have done in the past when embryos had not been tested). I was just thinking it may be more likely to end up with twins if embryos are normal and 2 get transferred together.

Interested to hear other ladies experiences and thoughts.


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    I transferred 1 pgs embie each time, at the time I was told only 1 would be able to be transferred at my age of 38/39, I think If had been older then they would transferred 2 if I had pushed for it but as my issue was miscarrying and not implantation failure then I felt it would have been a waste if lost 2 in a cycle instead of 1 and wanted to have more chances of success.... plus I wasnt keen on the idea of twins!!