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Which clinic abroad?
« on: 6/02/20, 18:09 »

My partner and I are ooking at DE in CR. We've spoken to Veronika yesterday from Praga Medica who said she would send us to Gest clinic. I've seen very mixed reviews about this clinic and there are some things that did make me a little concerned:

She wanted my partner to freeze his sperm - I stated we wanted to use a fresh sample as his sperm, whilst good, doesn't survive well when frozen. She sounded a bit like that would be an inconvenience.

I also understand that they do ET without USS guidance and there is no embryoscope? Am I correct?

I know there are lots of women who have used this clinic, but is there anyone that has been recently, and if so, would you let me know what you think? (I do have a friend who had a baby here and recommends it).

I also have a friend who is pregnant through Eugen, in Spain. Has anyone had any experience with this clinic pls?

Thanks for reading, Amber x


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