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I have just joined Fertility Friends and am hoping to find people to talk to starting treatment early March or someone with a similar background to myself.

I was diagnosed with HA just over a year ago (I hadn't had a period for about 18 months).  I was over exercising and restrictive eating for about a year after giving up smoking.  I was first referred to a gyno and ended up being referred to Colin Davis at the Evewell with a view to getting regular cycles back.  I was immediately told to reduce my exercise and to eat a minimum of 2000 kcals a day - although very difficult I have just about managed to achieve this (I still have bad day where I end up binge eating etc!).  Exercise wise I now only do light impact activities like Barre and Pilates classes.  I was also told to try acupuncture and see a nutritionist to help with my periods - I have been seeing Mel Brown (nutritionist) and Eva (acupuncturist at London Acupuncture Centre).  It took a while for me to have a period but blood tests were showing that I was still not ovulating (who would have thought that exercising and 'being healthy' could be so damaging on the body!  I wish this was more widely spoken about...

I have continued at the Evewell and have been under Dr Dimitri now for ~9 months.  I tried around 4 cycles of Clomid with the trigger shot but with no success and have recently given up trying Letrazole with the trigger shot.  My hormones were all over the place and my partner and I have decided to try our first round of IVF next month.  I have given my body a month off the Letrazole and have been on a number of supplements prescribed by Mel which I have been on for a few months.  I would love to talk to people in a similar situation to myself or people due to start their cycle in March as am finding everything quite overwhelming at the moment.

Thanks in advance!


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    Iím very sorry for your struggles, and this is a really unusual time so all of my usual advice is a bit useless Iím afraid.

    A group of ladies are keeping connected and chatting through this over in the IVF section https://www.fertilityfriends.co.uk/forum/index.php?topic=403853.0

    Good luck and I hope youíre getting on ok xxx