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I was wondering if someone could help me please - my DH and i have been ttc 9 years, x3 failed IVF and X3 failed IUI. We have unexplained infertility - although Drs in UK are now saying for us to consider DE as there's no reason why we shouldn't have conceived. For our failed IVF's we only ever get x1 blastocyst on Day 5.
My DH has had sperm analysis and DNA fragmentation many times over the past 9 years and the most recent read was DNA Frag 24% but all other parameters are fine and not a problem. We've also been to Dr R in London who also doesn't believe there is a problem.

We've been speaking to clinics about other options and Penny believes we have a sperm problem and that we need to do the improvement protocol + vit C and E. Has anyone else who doesn't have a MFI been through this or been told the same? Is this right? I don't really want my DH to take unnecessary antibiotics. I have to do the period blood test too which i have no problem in doing but i'm just questioning if there could be a sperm issue?

Thanks for your help,
Betty xx


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