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Hello fabulous ladies!

I’m hoping for any recommendations regarding books to explain egg donation to our toddler (22 months). We have always been totally open about using a donor with friends and family, so would like to start talking about it with her super early before she hears it from anywhere else.

We are so proud to have a child who represents the kindness and altruism of a wonderful donor and was loved and wanted so much by her parents... We are looking for stories and picture books that celebrate this and really emphases the positives of being born from egg donation.

Any recommendations appreciated!!


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    HI  - the DCN bookshop might be useful for books from the selection they have on their website for children  . I am about to start DD treatment atm so if I could just add that any book recommendations for this would be helpful too - thank you xx

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    Carmen Martinez Jover conceived via egg donation, and later wrote books for her own children: https://www.carmenmartinezjover.com/carmen-s-draft-shop-books and here is her webinar: https://www.eggdonationfriends.com/how-to-tell-children-about-donor-egg-conception/ xx

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    We’ve got the DCN one and also Happy Together an Egg Donation story as well. The author is on Instagram as well and posts some insightful articles too.

    Happy Together: an egg donation story https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/1985661853/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_TdOyFb9K42CWX

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    I would recommend buying both the Telling and Talking (0-7) and Our Story books from the Donor Conception Network.  One book is for parents to help them with telling and the other book is for your child.

    I started reading these book to my children at the same age and they are now 13!


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    Just wanted to share an update on this - my daughter is now sleeping with her DCN book. It’s her favourite and she asks me to read it to her multiple times a day. She’s not yet two so she doesn’t “understand” but she loves it and pointing to the parents and the baby in it.

    I must have read “mummy’s eggs didn’t work” or “mummy and daddy were sad when they couldn’t have a baby” about 50 times and when I first read the book to myself I was in floods of tears. Now it feels like something factual and true and it doesn’t make me
    feel sad.

    I write this pregnant with our second DE child and I’m lucky but wanted to let you know that I’m glad this book is in our collection and will be as well read as the classics


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    I read Mommy was your tummy big? To my sons

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    We’ve got The Itsy Bitsy Gift of Life which is a good one. My son loves it.