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BFP Due Date - March/April 2020
« Reply #200 on: 7/09/20, 10:12 »
I've been terrible with this!

Still no teeth for Raffy, has Beaux got any yet?

We started to wean Raffy a few weeks ago. Started with peas and he wasn't very keen, most of it was spat out! Tried a few other veggies over the next few days and just lots of spitting again. Decided to take a few days break and try again because I read that if they spit out the food then they might not be ready. That break did him the world of good because he did so well from then. Gave him his first crisp too (an Ella's Kitchen melty puff) and he absolutely loved that, cried when it'd finished!

We've changed quite a bit recently in regards to being around people and have started to let family hold Raffy. Still feel a bit uneasy about it sometimes, but someone we work with has a daughter who is a GP and she said if she was us she'd just do it now while it's not as bad because we're likely to end up in a lockdown again during the winter and not even be able to see anybody. I just try to make sure they're not kissing him or breathing all over him or anything. It's really made everyone so happy to hold him and that's really nice. Just have to make sure we're all being sensible I suppose. We're actually having a night out in a few weeks. Again, feeling a bit uneasy about it but I think we really need it.

Fin is back at nursery too and he's absolutely loving it. I've seen him go in and hug the teachers which is really lovely and just shows how much he likes them. Also made us figure that if he's hugging them etc then he can give our family a hug!

Had to go to the doctors a couple of weeks back for a smear (ahhhhh) and had more trouble with the gatekeepers, typical isn't it! I booked it one evening over their website and got an email back telling me a date and a time, then about an hour before the appointment I got a text saying to remember my appointment for the week after. I rang them and they were adamant that I had the wrong date but I wouldn't let it go and had no childcare for the week after, plus had psyched myself up for the procedure! Got the lady to go onto the website and check and she realised I was actually telling the truth. Managed to get the nurse to squeeze me in right at the end of the day. Very pleased to say that all was negative after having issues before and lots of colposcopies and a LLETZ. Always makes me so nervous.

Have you done anything more towards your next cycle? So exciting!

Hi Maeve, hope all is well :)


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    BFP Due Date - March/April 2020
    « Reply #201 on: 14/09/20, 18:11 »
    Haha, haven't we all? 😅

    No, no teeth for Beaux either, even though he chomps relentlessly on his fingers, dummy or whatever he can get hold of. Ah, it's lovely to hear he's getting on so well with his weaning! Like you, we've mastered veggies and porridge now. Slowly we'll introduce other bits as the days pass.

    Personally, I think you're right to be socialising him, even if it starts out slowly and carefully. Like you said, I bet they've been itching to snuggle him! We've been quite relaxed in this regard, all the family fuss Beaux after washing their hands. One old lady touched his cheek whilst we were out for lunch and I didn't have the heart to pull him away. Didn't know who was more at risk tbh 😳. Hope you enjoy the night out! I imagine it's much needed after so long. Don't even want to think about another lockdown, especially if it comes around Christmas!

    Fin is so sweet! You're totally right, you have to start weighing up what makes logical sense when it comes to who you're actually distancing from. Not suprised to hear the gatekeepers are at it again. Unnecessary stress considering its something you probably weren't that excited for organising in the first place 😂. Glad to hear of the result! How's your partner finding the return to work?

    The bloods and scan results have been returned to me and I've sent them to my coordinator. I'm fairly confident that all is as it should be. Keeping my fingers crossed just incase. Worried they might put an end to flights altogether though before November. Who knows?