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Long or short Protocol
« on: 9/03/20, 10:23 »
Hi all
If anyone remembers their protocol please share with me.
I have very low amh and still want to give my eggs a go.
I just want to compare because my clinic initially had told me to start on day 21 but my period was a week early so now they have told me to go on the pill but hubby feels this may completely shut down my ovaries

so if you can share cycle day started
down regulated with
did you use gonal f or menopur or both
or did you use something different
how many eggs collected
your age

many thanks in advance


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    Long or short Protocol
    « Reply #1 on: 21/07/20, 19:27 »
    Hi I done a short protocol with the pill. That brings on a bleed on the day they want you to bleed or at least thatís the aim of it. I started stimulating three days after my period arrived. X