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Progesterone query
« on: 12/03/20, 18:37 »
Hi ladies,

I have a medication query I'm hoping someone can help me with. We're due to start an FET in the US, and my clinic has prescribed progesterone in oil, 50mg/ml intramuscular, twice per day. When I tried to get the prescription here, the doctor said the equivalent here was Lubion 25mg once per day. I'm confused by this - is Lubion 25mg equivalent to 100mg progesterone in oil? My clinic in the US doesn't seem to know anything about Lubion, so they're really suspicious of me using it, but I won't be able to get hold of anything else in time.

Any help is appreciated!


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    Progesterone query
    « Reply #1 on: 22/05/20, 14:09 »
    Hi AmayB

    You've probably already gotten the answer to this but lubion is not the same as intramuscular projesterone (i.e prontogest). Intramuscular progesterone is injected into the big muscle in your bum. Lubion is subcutaneous and injected into the tummy area. I believe intramuscular progesterone is absorbed better. A pharmacy, depending on where you live, may need to order it in for you x