* Author Topic: Corona's got me re-thinking this  (Read 472 times)

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Corona's got me re-thinking this
« on: 18/03/20, 23:58 »
I just had an embryo transferred, but with Corona and all, I don't think I still want to be doing this right now. I'm getting really frightened.

Does anyone know what my options are? Does Plan B work after an embyro transfer? For how long? Or would I have to go the mifepristone route?


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    Corona's got me re-thinking this
    « Reply #1 on: 19/03/20, 01:12 »

    Yes, it's a nerve-wrecking time (so much uncertainty with this corona coming over us) and it is only natural to be frightened after a embryo-transfer. I think it is important to talk about your fears and excitement. There is enough time to make other plans about your pregnancy, but at this moment is it just important to talk to the ones you love and some professionals.

    What are your worries? Do you think you are going to be sick? Do you think about your (potentially) child? What is it that makes you think about stopping this attempt to get pregnant? It is absolutely normal to be (very) nerves if you just had a transfer... you might be a mother in 9 months, you might have to guide a little one to a grown-up... it is a big step you took, a heroic step. That might bring happiness and might bring worries.

    There is a lot of people who will support you here. Just start talking...  you are not alone!

    Wish you the best,

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    Corona's got me re-thinking this
    « Reply #2 on: 19/03/20, 14:09 »
    Hi Eyerb12,

    I totally get you feeling frightened and concerned right now. When did you do your transfer? I have done my last week, and I am on high doses of progesterone and I know this makes me more emotional, so I try to bear this in mind. Are your medication? Please bear this in mind before taking any decision.
    I try focusing on why I wanted a child in the first place, but being honest this C virus has added another level of stress into something that is already stressful. Making these 2-weeks waiting even harder as I am constantly anxious, not just about if we have achieved pregnancy, but also worried if we did, how we are going to be able to protect ourselves from this virus. I am aware that in my case this virus is very likely not to be life-threatening, but getting the virus on the first trimester could increase chances of a miscarriage.

    So I totally get you feeling frightened. I am as well to the point that I have done the blood test, blood pregnancy test was meant to be done yesterday, but I didn't, part of me is because I think is too early and the other part is because I am really scared.

    I feel anger and frustration because this whole thing is taking away all the excitement of being a pupo, it's not fair, but if I try not to think too much of it, otherwise  I will go mental. I have been meditating and doing gentle yogas to lift up my mood. So I know it's hard but you not alone and together we can be stronger! I am here if you want to talk.

    I will do the pharmacy pregnancy test this weekend and I will still pray for a positive outcome. Deep in my heart I know I want to be a mother even if life will be a bit harder from now on.

    wishing you all the best,

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    Corona's got me re-thinking this
    « Reply #3 on: 26/03/20, 13:57 »
    hi, I am sorry to know your story. However, c virus has changed plans of almost everyone. I would recomment contacting your clinic to discuss your options. From what I know IVF clinics use individual approaches in each individual case. x