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I was wondering if anyone has had experience with UCLH Gynaecology? I've had excision surgery for endometriosis in April 19, but I do still have pain, especially on my pelvic sides, and I have suspected adenomyosis. Therefore, I would like to get this investigated further to check with an ultra sound to see if this will be able to detect the cause of the pain, such as any remaining endometriosis or infection or anything else. I would also like to (if they refer me) to get a Hycosy done to check the fallopian tubes, to see if this maybe causing the pain? I know Dr Davor Jurkovic is the best for ultrasounds and he works at this hospital. If it is endo it would be good to be able to also see an endo specialist as well. I ideally would like to get this investigated before putting back my last embryos as I will not be doing anymore own egg fresh cycles due to my age. I had my excision surgery done at a hospital which was a bit further away from me and they thought if I do still have pain I may want to go to somewhere closer to me. They also advised that I should get referred to a pain clinic, which I think this clinic has?
I'm wondering if I should just go the hospital nearest to me, knowing they probably aren't the best for ultrasounds or ask to be referred to this place, I know waiting list will be long, so wanted to get some feedback from anyone who has been there before I ask.
Thanks in advance.


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    I have no personal experience but they are an accredited Endo Centre which sounds good to me :)

    Good luck xxx

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    Thanks Cloudy for your reply xx

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