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Unneeded donor sperm


I bought 4 donor sperm viles, used 1 (produced 7 viable (day 5 blastocyst) embryos from 14 eggs) - so I no longer need the 3 additional donor sperm viles.  The donor was fully screened and is not a carrier for anything.

I am really struggling to find out what - if anything - I can do with the additional donations. It seems a shame (and waste of money) to just bin them.   I am technically allowed to transfer them according to the donor bank, but neither they nor the uk clinic that is currently storing them will help me find a needy recipient.
Can anyone advise if this is possible and how I might go about finding out more information?

Ild make sure your 100% sure your done with them.
We very nearly allowed our clinic to use ours for training purposes but now are using them ourselves. Im so glad i decided to just leave them there.


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