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25 year old TTC
« on: 4/04/20, 11:08 »
We have been TTC since we got married ( for just over two years ) and me and DH went to the docs for fertility tests about 6mnths ago - he had low sperm count and I have messed up timings with periods (varies between 3 months or 3 weeks). DH is taking impryl which hospital recommended and I have been given clomid.
I was going to start this process in may (give time for supplements DH is taking to have an effect), but have been advised not to at the moment with the current pandemic ( which I totally get, don't want to put myself in a high risk group, or add any more pressure to the NHS which is doing an incredible job atm). I'm struggling that we finally felt like we were moving forward and there was a plan in place and it's just been turned on its head and once again we don't know what's happening.
I've never posted on a forum  or anything before but I'm struggling at the moment not knowing who to turn to or anyone who understands (not sure I understand how I feel myself). Not having a regular cycle, I never know whether it's worth taking a pregnancy test and I'll allow myself to be hopeful that I might be pregnant but always BFN. Seeing all over social media about parents struggling having kids at home all day - again I totally understand I know it must be difficult and I would be the same - but finding it hard to see at the moment    :-\


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    25 year old TTC
    « Reply #1 on: 4/04/20, 20:57 »
    Hi - just to say that my situation is very different but i think everyone who has had treatment cancelled/ postponed for unknown length of time feels as you say. Fertility and treatment  is already characterized by uncertainty and waiting and maybe things feeling quite out of ones control and so to have things postponed / cancelled is extremely difficult - there are a few threads already about this under the IVF category i think.  The official websites like HFEA have some info but nothing about when things might re start again x