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Doxycycline to prevent miscarriage
« on: 18/02/20, 16:54 »
Hi all, i recently had a review appointment with Prof Quenby, she suggested about a trial she is currently running for recurrent miscarriages. Its to check whether an antibiotic doxycycline reduces the inflammation in the womb lining and prevents miscarriage.
Just want to check with you ladies whether has anyone tried taking this antibiotic alone and that led you to a successful pregnancy?
Its just that we have tried everything including immunes but nothing had worked out and i m very reluctant to now just rely on believing that taking these antibiotics alone will lead to a successful pregnancy.


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    Doxycycline to prevent miscarriage
    « Reply #1 on: 26/04/20, 17:26 »
    I did the hidden c tests at locus medica and doxy was one of the antibiotics I had to take as part of the treatment, it didnt stop me miscarrying in subsequent cycle but I didn't take during pg. I know serum often prescribed them during pg so it may be worth asking on the serum thread.