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Recovering from ectopic
« on: 4/04/20, 22:18 »
3 weeks and 2 days ago i collapsed in agony and had to ring an ambulance. I found out i was 8 weeks pregnant but it was ectopic and had burst i had to have emergency surgery.

I didnt know i was pregnant. We thought our ivf had failed. I started bleeding heavy 4 days before test day and i still tested but it was negative. I then continued to spot right up until the day it ruptured.
I phoned the clinic with my result and told them about the bleeding but that it wasnt normal. It was thin and light red and the consistency of snot. They told me it was perfectly normal.
I then emailed 2 1/2 weeks later telling them i was still spotting and very tired and worried i may be anaemic. They again told me it was all perfectly normal.
Considering the risk of ectopic is higher with ivf, previous uterine surgery (i had a d&c in july for silent miscarriage) and age (im 35 in june) i feel the clinic should have caught on to what was wrong. I feel very let down by them and angry, along with a lot of other emotions ive got going on.
I did have a consultation booked with them but it was cancelled due to the covid so i havnt been able to speak to them about how i feel.
We have 1 straw of sperm left and was really hoping to have 1 last try but im really scared now.
3 fets 1 ivf and ive got pregnant twice and lost both. I dont know if I can do it again or deal with another fail. Im lucky enough to have a perfect little girl from our second round of ivf in 2015.
My surgeon at the hospital gave me no information as to how it went and how things looked in there, i was in the worst pain of my life when he came to see me so concentrated on dealing with that and then didnt come back but once the pain was managed and my mind could focus i had so many questions and nobody to ask. Ive had no post op checks or anything because of the covid.
I feel so lost confused and alone. i dont know what to ask when i go the clinic, what i should ask them for in terms of examinations and test as i want checking for scar tissue but not sure thats even possible.


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    Recovering from ectopic
    « Reply #1 on: 5/04/20, 19:39 »
    Dear Bobbinhead

    I'm so sorry for your loss, how awful for you, I really do feel for you as it seems so avoidable. I think the circumstances are very extreme due to the Covid outbreak, nobody could have known this was coming, however, your clinic owe you a duty of care and should have insisted on a blood test to confirm pregnancy. Is this their policy? They have to investigate this as ruptured ectopic is life threatening and a blood test and earlier intervention could have detected this earlier. the outcome would always be the same but could have been dealt with a lot sooner that 8 weeks. Put your complaint in writing and insist on an investigation as soon as possible. If it were me I would be tempted to see if you had a case for medical negligence, however that is just my personal opinion and you may not agree, however, you have really been through an awful time of it and i am really sorry for you, please look after yourself and sending you a big hug xx ^hugme^ ^hugme^

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    Recovering from ectopic
    « Reply #2 on: 6/04/20, 10:19 »
    Hi Bobbin,

    I am so sorry that you had to go through this.  Itís certainly a very cruel outcome. 

    I know that not all clinics offer blood tests to confirm a pregnancy.  With both my cycles, I just phoned in the result with a home pregnancy test on OTD.  I think that if your home pregnancy test had showed positive, then a scan would have been done at 6 and 8 weeks, so an ectopic could have been picked up.  But in my experience, I am not really aware of clinics doing much after a negative on OTD and they normally advise you to go to A & E if you have any concerns.

    I canít add much else, other then I wish you all the best for the future.


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    Recovering from ectopic
    « Reply #3 on: 17/04/20, 20:02 »
    I am sorry you are going through this, it's really cruel. I can understand you are unhappy with your clinic and they could be more alert cos of your medical history. I can't help with personal experiences, but I would recommend asking the clinic whether karyotyping will be helpful in your situation as aneuplodies are one of the most common reasons of mcs. All the best x