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Vistahermosa cycle chat 9
« Reply #850 on: 15/11/20, 17:53 »
Hi Jen

Yes progesterone 5 days in advance switches on your uterus lining for implantation. Just follow their advice and use the prolutex and pessaries and youíll be fine.

New donor yes. We may skip intralipids. Iíve had a scratch each time and I have had implantation. So I think itís good to do. Maybe find someone better at it. Shouldnít be too awful. Although my pregnancies ended in chemicals. But in October I needed hysteroscopy and ended up with a full D&C and clear out so no scratch this time for me. I feel Iíve had enough.

Intralipids are indicated but I donít really rate the evidence. However no harm. But they need to be done a week before transfer and then twice after I believe to be effective. And I canít find somewhere to do it in ireland.

I am on steroids and thyroid meds and have had bloods checked so hopefully i have done enough. Plus a fresh transfer of I hope 2 embryos.

Itís all a lot. We end lockdown here December 2 so no isolation on return. Plus they covid test anyway so thatís helpful to have.  Still a lot to navigate right now.


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    Vistahermosa cycle chat 9
    « Reply #851 on: 19/11/20, 15:51 »
    Hey Jen,

    Sorry I've only just read your post.
    I'm so so sorry things didn't work for you in August. It's such a hard thing to deal with after all the prep finances and emotions that go into it. I hope your doing ok and starting to feel good about your plan for your two frosties when restrictions have settled.

    Just to let you know on the progesterone front I did an ERA this time. I've never done it before but it had been recommended to me by so many friends who swear by it. The reason why I mentioning it to you is that it actually determines how much progesterone you need before embryo transfer day. The standard is 5 days but the ERA tells you if you are pre or post receptive meaning you may require more or less progesterone than the usual 5 days. Mine came back post receptive meaning I only need 4 days of progesterone. I'm not saying it's for you or that you need it. It's pricey enough but it definitely gives you more accuracy re progesterone. It's maybe something you could have a look into yourself.
    How much progesterone were you on before the august transfer? What form? I'm on IM progesterone this time.

    Re the intralipids I've done them for every cycle. I don't know how effective they are but for me they are always suggested as I have raised NK cells. If nothing else I will say they are really good for you and can't do any harm so long as your not allergic to any of the ingrediants. I had mine yesterday and the nurse said she gives them all the time for IVF and she rates them highly. I'm in Ireland so can't advise re where to get them in the UK.

    Lastly the scratch. I've had mine in prep for this transfer. It's painful but should only last a few minutes. Like most things in IVF it is an empirical procedure so hard to know how beneficial it really is.

    To answer your question we're flying this Sunday TF monday please God!!!! Only 4 eggs fertilised so I am nervous but trying to stay positive  ^pray^

    Hey mrs I just sent you a PM but just to let you know I got intralipids no problem here in Ireland. Hibernian do them in your house or in their office.

    Anyway serious baby dust to us all  ^fairydust^

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    Vistahermosa cycle chat 9
    « Reply #852 on: 20/11/20, 08:48 »
    Hi! Just a quick one to say our daughter arrived via planned c section on the 16th November. She was breech throughout and here a breech delivery isnít even considered. It was actually very lucky as my placenta was stuck to my uterus wall and I lost over 2 litres of blood and had a pretty hard surgery. It was all totally worth it though and had no impact on our baby, just taken me a bit longer to recover and very scary in theatre and for my husband.

    Jenny, wishing you all the luck in the world for your upcoming transfer. If you remember I only had 4 mature eggs collected, 3 fertilised, 2 made it to day 5 and only one PGS tested normal so it really does only take one!

    Wishing you all so much luck for the rest of 2020 and next year. Who knows if we will try again, at the moment it is pretty far from my mind and my husband is not so keen after the complications with delivery but we will revisit the question a bit further down the line xx

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    Vistahermosa cycle chat 9
    « Reply #853 on: 20/11/20, 14:49 »
    I literally only have a minute as up to my eyes and flying Sunday but wanted to say HUGE CONGRATS!!!! So so happy to hear of the birth of your daughter. My God it seems like yesterday when we were all chatting about your plans for transfer. I'm sorry you had such a hard time. It sounds really severe but you go girl...well done for being wonder woman and getting through it all. Really thrilled for you and your hubs  ^hugme^

    Thanks for the well wishes. Soooo nervous that all will go to plan but please God it will  ^pray^

    CONGRATS!!!!!!  ^itsagirl^