* Author Topic: Has anyone had IVF for recurrent loss? Any clinic recommendations? Thanks  (Read 735 times)

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I've had 4 miscarriages in the last 1.5 years. I've been diagnosed with anti-phospholipid syndrome (sticky blood) but have been treated with aspirin and clexane but it hasn't helped and I've lost another 2 pregnancies while in these drugs. I know at least 1 of them was chromosomally normal.

I've seen Dr Bleep and the last time was on prednisolone and progesterone plus intralipids as well as aspirin and clexane but lost it, I  am wondering if the next step might be to find a clinic who will do IVF and im wondering if anyone had any recommendations? It seems a bit crazy thinking about paying for IVF as I know I don't need it as I can conceive ok, but have heard of other for whom controlling the whole
process from beginning to end has helped.

I've heard of ARGC, Zita West, Lister. Does anyone have any experience of using a clinic for recurrent miscarriages and which one they recommend?



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    I am sorry to know about pregnancy loss. One friend of mine who had a few mcs underwent IVF PGS NGS, and gave birth to a healthy baby. But in her case chromosomal aneuploidies were the issue. x

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    I had recurrent miscarriages for various different reasons (at least 6) and found Serum clinic in Athens really helpful (I asked for Penny, having read about her on here!) It made a nice holiday too 😀 I did go a few times in the end but it was worth it. Maybe a change of approach would help? I also saw Dr Bleep and lots of other consultants over the years. Good luck  :)

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    I used serum as well. Took a while even with serum to get the tight mix for me. 7 miscarriages before serum, 1 missed miscarriage at serum and after  a few more rounds with serum, I finally have a nearly 15 month old son. For me, I did a lot of investigations myself as well, before I would even consider another round of fertility treatment. I found a private endocrinologist who would accept me and we went back to basics. Found hypothyroidism, severe anaemia, pcos, borderline diabetes, vitamin d deficiency. So a fair few things to sort out. With medication and lifestyle changes,  I managed to get my body nearly fertility fit. The last thing I did was go to Cherish in Sutton Coldfield and had recurrent miscarriage testing done. They found mthfr and antiphosphollipid syndrome.

    I informed serum of the changes and together we used aspirin, clexane and intrallipids. For me, I had to have intrallipids 10 days before transfer o  the day of transfer, on my positive and every 10 days after for 14 weeks.. other ladies have intrallipids every 17-21 days but I bled and cramped on day 11, when I tried to stretch intrallipid treatment out. So for me it was every 10 days until 14 weeks. I was also told to stop aspirin and clexane u till the blood clot under the baby had gone. That took 14 weeks as well. After that, I remained on clexane but not aspirin.

    I personally cannot recommend Serum enough. I had 4 rounds where I got 2×Ben, 1× Mmc and 1× chemical pregnancy before my son. Even when I was getting Bfn's and CP's and mmc, I still recommended them. They are so kind and treat you like an individual, not a money making machine on a conveyor belt. They are very thorough. Give them a try.

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    I suffered recurrent miscarriages when trying for both of my children. I also started with the same dr as you but had to move on as it was clear that what he was doing was not enough for me. I have Dr Gorgy to thank for my son and Dr Gorgy /Serum to thank for my daughter. I did not need ivf for either , despite trying several rounds of ivf elsewhere for baby no 2. she was conceived naturally age 40 after treatment from serum .