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Ukraine and coronavirus
« on: 27/04/20, 20:43 »
Hey guys :)
I was looking through some Ukrainian clinics and one of them drew my attention because of an unusual situation. As you may know, Ukraine has closed its borders due to the coronavirus spread. And so the babies born from surrogates after the closure are staying in Ukraine... Their parents can do nothing to pick them up!  :-[
Here is the link to read about the situation:https://www.social media.com/biotexcom/posts/1884812131652206?__tn__=K-R
I don't know what I would feel in their place. I am so sorry for the babies :'( Some of them are already one month old and they haven't seen their parents yet  :-[
I wish this nightmare to stop as soon as possible! We are all so tired... Hope for best  ^pray^


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