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Ava Peter in St Petersburg Russia
« on: 29/02/20, 13:04 »
Hi there,

Has anyone been to the Ava Peter clinic in St Petersburg? I would love to hear how your experience has been..

My husband and I have just returned from our first stage of IVF treatment at Ava Peter in SP, it's been surreal! We've stayed there for 3 weeks this month (Feb 2020). We have opted for a tandem cycle (own eggs and donor eggs) this time. My results from previous two rounds of IVF cycles in the UK were terrible and my consultant recommended that we consider donor eggs.

The reason why I'm posting here is because I REALLY STRUGGLED to find much information online about Ava Peter clinic prior to our trip. I was choosing between Ava Peter, Olga and Next Generation and narrowed it down to the first two. The idea of having to travel to Russia and not being able to understand the language also stressed us out a little.

The defining moment was when I re-connected with a former Russian colleague who's from SP and based there - she's now a good friend. It turned out that she had several IVF treatments in the same Ava Peter clinic and her daughter is now 17. She reassured me and did some research online (in Russian) for me which helped us to progress with the plan.

I was cared for by Dr Diana Obidnyak, Head of International Cooperation in Ava Peter. Prior to this trip, we had a brief what's app call with her, organised through a patient manager. The call gave us a sense of what the Dr Diana was like (she was rather attentive and seemed professional and caring). Shortly after we arrived in St Petersburg, we had a consultation with Dr Diana and was given drugs to stimulate. With a short protocol, I was back in the clinic to see Dr Diana a week later - and she would scan me herself every two days until egg retrieval. That was the main difference between my UK clinic and Ava Peter - I was seen by the doctor all the time. The scan was done by the doctor herself, not just a nurse. Dr Diana would then change drugs as she saw fit throughout the process. She did my egg collection herself, followed by a polypectomy (removal of polys in uterus) the following day, which was a recommended additional minor surgery. Both my husband and I believed in her and thought she was caring and supportive, explained thing clearly to us in English and we felt cared for. Our donor was stimulated separately by Dr Diana as well.

Overall I'm pleased with the treatment so far. The communication isn't as easy as in the UK as you're assigned a patient manager and you channel all the queries to her (can email or what's app). The Russian way seems to be if you don't ask, you don't get much info. The patient manager would be the one who met us at the clinic when we arrived, made sure we had all the check ups booked in and with getting the right drugs at their own pharmacy (inside the clinic). They act like interpreters sometimes. The payment was done at the clinic as well. For those who've already had experience with IVF it's a lot easier, not for those who are contemplating their first IVF cycle.

Sorry for the length of the article but I felt compelled to share our experience so far because I could find so little info before. Would love to hear from those who've been to Ava Peter... any questions let me know x


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    Ava Peter in St Petersburg Russia
    « Reply #1 on: 17/04/20, 20:08 »
    I can't share my personal experiences with IVF clinics in Russia, and unfrotunately I do not know any ladies who underwent their treatment with them. However, I came across many positive reviews of Ava Peter and Next Generation in Russian forums. From what I understood these clinics are one of the best in this part of Russia. x