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Hi all. Wondering if anyone can help..... My consultant has recommended another natural FET with immunotherapy alongside in the form of intralipids. Has anyone used these with a natural frozen cycle? My first natural frozen ended in termination for medical reasons and have had 3 medicated fet since, all which ended in miscarriage. My NK 50:1 was 18.5 which I know isnít very high? All other bloods looked ok...... thanks x


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    Natural FET with immunotherapy (intralipids)
    « Reply #1 on: 6/06/20, 19:28 »
    Hi babybird,  Regarding your situation, I have had intralipids on medicated FET cycle.  They are in case of immune issues, one successful, one fail. I don't understand what NK is?  I'm so sorry you had miscarriages but the fact that you were successful is great and I think the doctor is right to prescribe intralipids.   There is no harm in them but they are expensive.  I was wondering if you could offer me any advice.  I have had a successful medicated FET cycle and a failed medicated one so because my cycles have been regular for last 3 months, I am thinking of doing natural FET cycle.  I have a few q's.  Did you find natural better? My natural cycle is due to start this week and I need to put it off for just a few days in order for flights to be available.  The medication I need is not available and I am considering taking bcp for 3/4 days just to delay period- do you know if this would matter to the fresh cycle? I don't want to wait two more cycles as I was supposed to have gone in March right when borders closed.