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Seeking advice
« on: 24/06/20, 19:50 »
Hi everyone. I recently went for a fertility MOT at London Womenís Clinic - Harley Street (ultrasound and AMH blood test), following an implant removal 2 weeks prior. I was told I had a low follicle count (3 follicles per ovary), and an ovarian cyst. The doctor didnít seem worried about the latter but explained the the follicle count was low given that I am 34 years old. She did not go into detail as she said we needed to wait for the AMH test results. From reading-up afterwards, I understand that this classifies as premature ovarian failure and that 3 follicles per ovary falls below the minimum number for IVF, which means that I probably wonít be able to have kids of my own. This came as quite a blow. Tomorrow, I have the follow-up appointment with the consultant to review the results (incl AMH test) and am feeling quite nervous about it. Iíd really value hearing from anybody who has been in a similar situation / any advice they might have. For example, whether there are any questions youíd recommend asking and/or whether the Lister Clinic might be a better option. Thank you in advance.


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    Seeking advice
    « Reply #1 on: 25/06/20, 12:36 »
    If you didnít mind paying for IVF and were interested in treatment abroad, maybe you could consider clomid gentle IVF treatment? Just a thought as maybe at your age the actual egg quality might be good enough for a successful outcome with this? Just an idea. With this kind of protocol you only expect to produce and collect a few eggs but due to the gentle nature of such a protocol the quality is supposed to be better. I did a couple of rounds of this at Serum clinic in Athens (thereís an old thread all about it) and found it easier than normal ivf, collecting about 3 eggs each time I think. I was quite a few years older though so you may be more likely to be successful with it? Thereís lots of useful information on this website, I hope you get lots of helpful advice. Good luck and donít be too despondent, even though itís hard getting unexpected or bad news regarding fertility at the outset x