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Kings Fertility vs IVF London
« on: 12/05/20, 12:40 »
Hello everyone,

Iíve been reading posts on here for a while now, this is my first post.

I am looking for experiences with either IVF London in Borehamwood or Kings Fertility. We have very good feelings from initial consults both with Dr Batwala at IVFL and Dr Sarris at Kings. Out only identified issues are my low ovarian reserve (AMH 0.4 when last checked, AFC 4-7). We had 3 cycles at Herts & Essex, all high dose stims short protocol, and theyíve more or less advised they canít really help any further. Do we are looking to move ahead with another clinic. I narrowed it down to Kings and IVF London, and in the current situation have only been able to have a telephone consult with them. Both are suggesting mild dose stims with some slight variation. Personality wise they are very different, Dr Sarris was very technical and discussed lots of options and made it sound like a lot will be up to what we want to do. Dr Batwala was very warm and a lot more catahoricsl at sdvusongbwhat he would do with us. They are opposite ends of the spectrum price wise, Kings have incredibly affordable packages that include things like blasto culture, embryoscope and blood monitoring. IVF London are expensive and every little thing is chargeable. 10 days later I am no closer to deciding on who we should go with, so Iím hoping for othersí insight into their experiences.

Thanks in advance!


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