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Hi There,

My husband and I unfortunately had our FET cancelled due to COVID-19. We had paid for our treatment, signed consent and were ready to go when lockdown happened and all treatments were cancelled.
The clinic have now advised that my treatment can go ahead but obviously adhering to quite strict criteria with regards to social distancing, testing etc.

The thing I am finding the most difficult is they have said myself and my family (husband and 20 month old daughter) will have to strictly self-isolate from having a COVID swab prior to treatment until the embryo is transferred. I have a letter to state this will be between 20-26 days. I work at a hospital myself and up until now have been in close contact with confirmed and suspected COVID-19 patients on a daily basis. I have called HR who have confirmed I will be able to take that time as special leave which I can get paid for.  However after speaking to the clinic again today, the nurse also said they advise to self-isolate from the day of the transfer until the pregnancy test (2 weeks) but this is only advice and is up to me. As this is only advisory, I am not sure whether work will let me have this as special leave and I also worry about keeping my daughter out of nursery for such a prolonged period (she continued to attend throughout lockdown as I am a key worker).

I have a meeting with my manager on Monday to discuss this all but I am very worried about working in a hospital and my potential exposure to patients with COVID whilst I am in my 2 week wait and then at the point if I am lucky enough to become pregnant.  I am interested to chat to anyone who might be in a similar position or have any advice regarding my worries.

Thank you in advance


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