* Author Topic: Anyone starting a FET?  (Read 1335 times)

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Anyone starting a FET?
« Reply #20 on: 29/06/20, 15:56 »
No I wasnít given any specific caution, the first I heard about it was on here! However I am more or less living like a hermit so donít feel like Iím likely to get corona right now (thatís the concern, I think?).


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    Anyone starting a FET?
    « Reply #21 on: 29/06/20, 16:00 »
    Different clinics are really dealing with this differently, aren't they. Yes, it's Covid they're concerned about. If you're being careful not to get it anyhow I'm sure you'll be fine. I teach so it'd going to be difficult to avoid sources of contagion (by which I don't mean students, exactly, but being in work / in seminars generally!).

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    Anyone starting a FET?
    « Reply #22 on: 4/07/20, 16:57 »
    Hi Ladies, I hope its okay for me to join.

    Everythingcrossed4u, I had transfer just a few days after you- last Tuesday.  The fear is kicking in today.  I am so scared of it not working as I can't go through it anymore.  If this doesn't work, that's the dream of another baby over.  I am trying to think positive but I am so scared.  I am getting more cramps and discharge since yesterday and I worry about that being period symptoms.  What are you doing to get throught he tww? I can;t test early as I had trigger shot so I wouldn't chance it. 

    Hope4u- did you get a bfp?? You said you had transfer a couple of weeks ago? 

    How is everyone else doing? Regarding steroids, I was prescribed low dose prednisone as precaution and intralipids but chose not to take them because of covid plus last time, I just felt like there was too much in my body.  If you need them though, there is no point cycling without them.

    Anyone starting a FET?
    « Reply #23 on: 4/07/20, 19:10 »
    Taraeob - my social media is nearly over, we test a Monday. I bought 2x tests today as clinic one is rubbish so now I just need to hang off from testing.  Iíve not been too bad this 2ww as Iíve been really busy in work so itís been a big distraction. Although today I have been paranoid as not felt any symptoms today.

    Itís so hard not to obsess about but try distracting yourself. I know easier said than done. 

    Fingers crossed for us all

    Anyone starting a FET?
    « Reply #24 on: 4/07/20, 19:27 »
    Using my mobile then... I meant to say my 2ww is nearly not social media  :)