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The problems keep coming, one after another.

A long story short, after multiple failed DE FET, thin lining issue and problem with synthetic estrogen, decided to do natural DE FET but a transfer canceled due to COVID in March. Now Iím experiencing a missed period for the 1st time ever. My BBT didnít rise during the luteal phase for the 1st time as well. The obvious answer is Iím in the early stage of menopause. Now I have no idea when a next cycle comes and whether I can do natural FET.

The clinic gave me an option using a low dose Gonal as a hormone replacement therapy. Iím reluctant to use it as Iím trying for as natural as possible. It took my body more than a few cycles to bring my hormone level normal. Also Iím not sure how my lining develops using Gonal. I donít know what to do. A transfer is getting farther and farther steps away, almost unreachable.  :'(

I feel so stupid keeping a healthy lifestyle, eating well and exercising regularly. I couldnít beat my age! I told DH I should be a couch potato and eat and drink whatever I want (of course he opposed).  ;D

We had decided once we use up all 6 embryos, thatíll be it. We canít afford surrogacy so need to move on. I donít want to let it go yet when 6 great frosty are waiting. I donít want to have another trial transfer to waist precious embryos. Iím frustrated and really donít know what to do.


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    Hkd ^hugme^ ^hugme^
    Im so sorry for the utterly rubbish time your having.
    I too remember times when i had  obstacle after obstacle and how dispondent and hopeless it all was. Over the years the pattern seemed to be failure, delay, another failure, clinic muck up causing more delay, another failure u get my drift.
    I never seemed to be able to catch that break

    Firstly u need to cut yourself some slack. Yes sit on the sofa and eat junk! Sack off the exercise for a week. Invest in some proper self care. Its not going to make a jot of difference to your lining.  U need to be taking care of yourself not punishing yourself.

     As for your transfer i would consider the option your clinic have suggested of doing low dose gonalF to stim natural hormones and get the lining going. If it were me.
    It seems to be a good option for people who's lining doesn't like artificial estrogen. But only u can decide.

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    Few questions.

    Have you been diagnosed with perimenopause? Were your periods regular before?  Did you down regulate before the cancelled March cycle? The reason I ask is I skipped a period also due to down regulation shot. So check the dose and half life if this applies. Sometimes a cycle doesnít come back for a month or two.

    Having 6 embryos is amazing. I understand not wanting to waste them.
    Presume youíve had ERA progesterone protocol is good etc?

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    Ah, sorry to hear you feel so pants. 

    I totally understand. My periods started messing around in my mid 30s.  So I found it really hard to know when I was going to have a cycle.

    When this happened during IVF, my consultant gave me a course of tables to induce a period. And following the period I commenced treatment in prep for a FET. (I remember being worried about doing that but my consultant said it was ok, and, it was. The FET following the induced period resulted in my 1st daughter).

    I cannot remember the name of the drug, but will try to look it up and post here.  It wasn't gonal.


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    Found it, the consultant gave me norethisterone, not sure if this would be appropriate in your case, but might be worth asking your doctor.

    PS if you google this medication it will say ' delay,' your period, but I've taken it twice, as prescribed by my doctor to induce a bleed, for around 5-7 days, then about 4 days after that, I got my period.

    Good luck x

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    Hi there hkd,

    I have written a  bit in various threads, atm the current treatment cycle thread  but some of what you describes rings bells .

    I had started prep for FET then cancelled with covid.

    Last week went for baseline scan and scan / bloods indicated I need to wait , start down regs (buserilin) . My periods never returned properly after stopping own egg IVF in January  - i think die to age/ stress/ drugs. I am 43 and have just found out their are 7 frozen blastocycys (double donation as single) .

    I also started using noristerone because periods all over the place so next step is norethisterone, buserelin then oestrogen.  I also fear not being in a position to have a FET  - it is really exhausting ,  I hope that your clinic can talk through all the options and rationalles  - people say to me it is really good news and promising to have a number of frozen blastocycts and I really hope your next steps go smoothly and really good luck xxx

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    Kjade - thank you for your hugs.  ^hugme^ ^hugme^
    I took your advice on skipping exercising  ;D ;D
    DH and I discussed about the Gonal F option and decided to try it as weíd never know if it works unless I try. now still waiting for bleeding. you know I miss that annoying feeling of "ahhhh it's a time of the month"...

    ZC - I told my GP about the missing period and I did some blood tests. My FSH was high and he concluded that I am in perimenopause. Although I thought I would be but it was still shocking to hear the result. I guess this is related to my low AMH?  ^idiot^  I had regular periods before and no I didnít down regulate.

    June and snowdrop - Thank you for the information about norethisterone. My clinic didnít mention it probably because I insisted I wanted to go for as natural as possible. My lining didnít respond well with synthetic estrogen but my lining developed better without any medication. But now "natural" may no longer be the option for me so Iíll ask for an option to induce bleed.

    xxx hkd