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Speedy second time labour
« on: 13/06/20, 21:14 »
So after a speedy first time labour 6 years ago with our beautiful daughter (story on here) at 40+1 we were classed as high risk this time due to criteria changing which now includes IVF and due to me being over 35 we were offered an induction at term if baby hadnít arrived beforehand.

IVF due date was 1st June, Nhs scan date 3rd June, they booked us for induction on the 3rd June.

We had three stretch and sweeps from 39 weeks but nothing came of them so I went in on the third June at 6:30am and had the pessary and was popped on the monitor...nothing!
Another check and monitoring at 6:30pm nothing to report.
Then from 1am on the 4th June contractions started but very random timings, popped back on the monitoring at 6:30am on the 4th and had the gel, then from lunch time they started to get a bit more regular at 1pm I text the hubby to let him know they were getting more regular and to think about coming in as he wasnít allowed in with me until I was 4cm due to the Coronavirus.  He arrived approx 1:30pm and waited in the corridor and by 2pm we was confirmed as being 3-4cm and was taken to labour ward where hubby could join me.
The contractions felt a lot more painful this time around compared to the last labour so I opted for Diamorphine as well as the gas and air.  Our beautiful second daughter arrived at 3:25pm.

We are so in love and our family is now complete...itís been one hell of a journey to get here and I will never forget the ups and downs and will be eternally grateful to have our little family 🥰


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