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Help!! How to get out of a virtual baby shower?

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Hi ladies,
sorry to sound so dramatic but I really don't know what to do and could use some helpful advice. The other day I was contacted by a distant relative saying her sister was pregnant and they were doing a surprise virtual baby shower for her and would I like to be added to a social media planning group. I said congrats and sure (because what was I supposed to say without coming off as a complete butt). I was truly happy for her but had/have no intention on "attending" this shower nor do I want to be part of this social media group. We've lost touch for awhile and I didn't even hear from her about this pregnancy. I really don't like feeling forced to do anything I genuinely don't want to and have finally started taking care of myself more and so why should her or their feelings count for more than mine?
So as you can see I'm in a bit of a pickle. Hope someone can give me their 2 cents worth.


Hi Phatty

Oh that is awkward, can you just say you have a lot of work commitments at the moment and don;t think you will have any spare time to commit ti anything else, just be evasive, I think its a bit cheeky to ask you if you are not that close, I don't think you need to give her chapter and verse why you can't help.

Good luck x

HI, glad to hear about self care , I think if this was me I  would contact again and say on reflection this is not for me at this time. I don't know your situation, or if these people know your situation, but anyone going through fertility issues doesn't need any more stress or pain than they already have...speaking for my self any way. I have several neighbours around the time of birth / newborns and at times I need to give that space and at other times it is nice to chat and congratulate them. Anyway ,i just think it is perfectly fine to decline / change your mind on this one.  xx

You definitely donít have to do it. Your feelings and situation is just as important as theirs and I agree about self care 😊 x

I wouldnít even think twice, Iíd just say congrats but canít make it that night. No need to give a reason.


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