* Author Topic: Any advice?? First time Starting Donor Egg treatment  (Read 253 times)

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Hello beautiful ladies,

It has been a looong journey and it took me down this road. My feelings are mixed. All I can think is having a baby in my arms, however thought of no genetic linkage flows through my mind but I So look forward. My treatment is in London and booked for July 2020.
So how has it been for you ladies? What do I need to not do or do? My family donít know I am using an egg donor it just between me and my hubby and we Want it to remain so.
I need to hear from someone. Thanks for taking time to read.



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    Hi there, Long journey here too.....  I am having DD IVF and am finding Donor Conception Network  (DCN) and various podcasts /books helpful so thought to mention that. The DCN have a library/ shop and lots of resources on their website. Also the clinic counsellor and the clinic allowed this service unlimited over the lockdown ( by phone)  Best wishes with your treatment starting this month x

    Offline Sweetmother

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    Thanks so much Snowdropwood 🙏🏼. I am going straight to endulge on DCN website.  😊

    Best wishes with your journey

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    Hi Sweetmother!

    There is loads to think about when you move to donor conception for building your family.   One thing that can be really helpful is counselling which is provided free by UK clinics.   It does help you to consider all the issues around donor conception but also things like grieving for what might have been and being able to embrace this new way to have a baby.   It is so important that when you start cycling you feel as comfortable as you can!

    I would also recommend giving the DCN helpline a ring as they can really help and if you join you can be put in touch with other parents who have children using egg donation.

    I am a solo mum to 13 year old twins who were conceived using embryo donation so I am much further down the road!  However, I remember my journey so well and it was at times overwhelming.  This is why connecting with others can be so helpful at this stage.

    I am in the telling camp, but you don't have to decide what to do yet or until you have a baby.  Instead, maybe just talk to other parents and gather as much information as you can so you feel prepared and can embrace this wonderful way to have your baby at last!

    I am always happy to answer any questions.

    A xx