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July / August 2020 Cycle Buddies
« Reply #310 on: 12/09/20, 07:44 »
Good morning ladies

How are you all??

Dusky and njr I hope you both doing ok xxx

Love Lucy how are you???

Iklefeet aww thatís great you have dates for your up and coming cycle,, regarding dates well Iíve had two natural fet in June and August, so we only used a trigger with my failed June cycle I had transfer day 17 my lining was 9.4mm with this cycle I went to London for a monitoring scan on day 9 and my lining was 11.6 mm so I was triggered that day so my transfer for this cycle was day 16... i have 28 dayís cycles and usually ovulate around day 12-14 but I think the scratch and all the Ivfís Iíve been through had slightly messed up my cycle as I was ovulating early,, are you having a medicated cycle?? I no itís different with that,, it hard when somethings worked to not go with your gut on it.., I wish you so much luck with your cycle..,

Afm Iím counting the days down untill the scan still very very anxious...

@sharry is there a link for the baby dust board you mentioned xxx


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    July / August 2020 Cycle Buddies
    « Reply #311 on: 12/09/20, 14:20 »

    Here is the link to the babydust area.


    Sharry x

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    July / August 2020 Cycle Buddies
    « Reply #312 on: 13/09/20, 09:22 »
    So much luck to you Ickle x

    And to all of you lovely ladies, thank you much for all of your support.

    DH and I are talking lots, there may be a chance we can try again one last time but itís still a work in progress...

    Good luck everyone xx