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Hi There,

My husband and I unfortunately had our FET cancelled due to COVID-19. We had paid for our treatment, signed consent and were ready to go when lockdown happened and all treatments were cancelled.
The clinic have now advised that my treatment can go ahead but obviously adhering to quite strict criteria with regards to social distancing, testing etc.

The thing I am finding the most difficult is they have said myself and my family (husband and 20 month old daughter) will have to strictly self-isolate from having a COVID swab prior to treatment until the embryo is transferred. I have a letter to state this will be between 20-26 days. I work at a hospital myself and up until now have been in close contact with confirmed and suspected COVID-19 patients on a daily basis. I have called HR who have confirmed I will be able to take that time as special leave which I can get paid for.  However after speaking to the clinic again today, the nurse also said they advise to self-isolate from the day of the transfer until the pregnancy test (2 weeks) but this is only advice and is up to me. As this is only advisory, I am not sure whether work will let me have this as special leave and I also worry about keeping my daughter out of nursery for such a prolonged period (she continued to attend throughout lockdown as I am a key worker).

I have a meeting with my manager on Monday to discuss this all but I am very worried about working in a hospital and my potential exposure to patients with COVID whilst I am in my 2 week wait and then at the point if I am lucky enough to become pregnant.  I am interested to chat to anyone who might be in a similar position or have any advice regarding my worries.

Thank you in advance


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    Hi there,

    I am not in exactly the same position as you but am having the same fears and unsureness/confusion about FET during covid... I work at a college in the special needs department. I have been working from home since lockdown but am due to go back into centre in a couple of weeks and also planning to start the cycle as soon as possible. That is really great that your work are being so supportive with the time off.

    It is a real worry having to self isolate isn't it. I imagine much more so with the little one too. I think that in terms of post transfer and if lucky enough to have a BFP, it is a purely personal decision, howver I feel that for all the stress etc you are putting yourself through having the cycle, I think that I would at least self isolate until the test date, and then I suppose at that point you can make a decision based on the result and how the isolation has been effecting you all as a family up to that point. I am also really unsure what would constitute self isolation? does that mean your partner can not go food shopping? i think being able to discuss it with other in the same or similar boat is going to be really helpful and an important supportive outlet.

    All the best

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    Hi there , I have written on the cycle buddies a bit recently, also having FET this month.  This issue has come up on the cycle buddies thread and it seems that different clinics have very different protocols and  advice to self isolate has not been mentioned at my clinic - there is temp testing, PPE and signing paperwork each time though. I personally ( maybe as single)  would find it probably impossible in terms of mental health tbh but everyone is different of course. I am not really of much help, though I am surprised how utterly different each clinic is in terms of advise / protocol for people going through the same proceedures and I hope that your Manager is able to support you to make the right decisions well going through the process and really best wishes x

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    Thank you both for your reply. I def find it interesting how differently each clinic has responded to COVID and the rules regarding def-isolation.

    I had my COVID swab on Monday and havenít heard anything so can hopefully assume it was negative. I have my baseline scan booked for tomorrow morning.
    We took our daughter out of nursery and I have also been off work since the swab. Self isolation has been fine so far and we are being very strict in terms of not going to the supermarket and not seeing anyone. I have, however still been taking my daughter out for a long walk to the park daily and also my dog. For our mental health and for my sanity, we have to get out the house.
    With regards to isolating during the 2 week wait (if we are lucky enough to get that far), I think we will be sending my daughter back to nursery and I will be going back to work and doing non-clinical tasks or only treating pts who have had a negative COVID swab. Itís such a tricky one now that lockdown has eased somewhat.

    Thank you I will check out the cycle buddies thread too. Wishing you both the best of luck too