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HCG Shots for Recurrent Miscarraige?
« on: 25/07/20, 20:16 »
Hey ladies,

I suffer from recurrent miscarriages, with no problem getting pregnant but not progressing past 7 weeks.

I've done all immunology testing with Dr G in London and have no issues to note, but I'm on a standard protocol (preds, progesterone, hydroxychloroquine, LMWH, neupogen )

I was recently advised regarding HCG shots and that they are a potential treatment for recurrent miscarriages. I've known this to work with some people. Does anyone have any experience with this, or know which doc in the UK can administer these? I know the dose is 5000 iu weekly, but don't want to buy from unknown sources. My HCG drops around week 7 after a heartbeat is seen, so I want to try what I can.

Look forward to hearing from you all x


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