* Author Topic: Anyone had hysteroscopy with sedation not a general?  (Read 209 times)

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Hi, if anyone has had a hysteroscopy with just sedation can you tell me how (un)bearable it was please? I find a smear pretty unbearable so unless sedation seriously knocks you out, not sure Iíll be able to cope! Thanks!


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    Anyone had hysteroscopy with sedation not a general?
    « Reply #1 on: 28/07/20, 20:35 »
    I've had x 2 hysteroscopies under sedation (it was unconscious sedation). To me, it felt no different to being under from a general anaesthetic - I was totally out of it and knew nothing until I woke up afterwards. I also had a hysteroscopy without sedation - not fun really  :(

    There are different levels of sedation (conscious v unconscious) - you might want to check what they're offering. Having said that, I also had a stubborn back molar removed last year under conscious sedation and again I was out of it until the whole procedure was over  ::)