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Waiting to start IVF but cycle messed up
« on: 2/08/20, 10:12 »
Feeling very confused!

I was due to start my last own egg cycle in July but unfortunately for the first time really my cycle seems really messed up. I had a peak reading on a digital ovulation test on day 19 which is about normal for me so was just waiting on AF arrive. My cycles are between 29 -36 days. I had a scan at my clinic to see if I would be okay to start with the next cycle and I had five follicles so they were happy for me to begin when AF arrived. One follicle was 15 and they said no signs of ovulation which I guessed as I had no temperature rise or EWCM round peak reading time. So then I decided to keep testing and wondered if I could still ovulate with this follicle and on day 37 got another peak reading,  this time accompanied by EWCM so thought okay this is late ovulation. My temperatures have risen a bit too and   App has me as 4dpo. Anyway last night I had watery cm and took another ovulation test and it was peak again- a week after the last peak reading! So now totally confused and have no idea when AF will start. Could this follicle still be trying to ovulate after all this time or has one of the other follicles now grown and is the right size because the cycle is so long? Iím now on CD 45.

Any help would be much appreciated


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