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Looking to move to DE and could really do with some help

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Hi everyone

I am 40 years old and have had four IVF cycles in the UK with OE. First two cycles were BFN, third cycle was a chemical and fourth has just resulted in a missed miscarriage. I have opted to try and see if things happen naturally. I am still waiting.

I have been thinking about my options going forward. Do I give up and accept a life childless, or do I look at DE....

My husband was never keen on DE before this recent loss, but he is now the one suggesting it.

I feel worried that DE would still result in a BFN or another miscarriage. I also have no idea where to start with looking at UK or abroad.

All our OE cycles have been self funded, therefore cost is a factor for us as we have spent a fortune already.

Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

Hi Sidney,

I am really sorry for everything you have been through. I know how hard it it's to find strength to keep on going after each loss. I have never tried a cycle with my OE, because every clinic I visited in the UK was very discouraging as I suffer from POF, my AMH was 0.02 when I found I had POF. Even after the diagnoses, I managed to get pregnant twice, one naturally and another using clomid, mcc both before 8 weeks.

It took me some time to get my head around the idea of DE conception and my husband wasn't really keen either, but now that I am 6 months pregnant I wish we had made the decision much earlier so we could consider having 2 kids. However, my husband keeps reminding me about everything we have been through, so a lot to process and it was great that we took our time and were 100% about the DE process when we started.

After our second loss we discussed our options; adoption or ED conception and we were not ready for either. We kind of left thing as they were and I just guessed that with time we will accept life without children. But I always had this what-if question at the back of my mind. Then, I noticed that my husband was feeling down most of time, he would say it was work-related but I could feel it was something else. He is not much of sharing feelings type of guy, so I had to wait for the right moment to ask him what was really going on. When we talked I sensed that he was finding hard to accpet life without children, but he would never say these exact words because he didn't want to hurt me. I could also sense that he was more open to ED conception but again he would never say out loud as he didn't want to pressure me to do anything that didn't feel right to me.
This is when I had to ask myself some serious questions and reminded myself that the clock was ticking, so I had to make a decision before it was too late, even for ED.

How badly did I want to experience pregnancy? How badly did I want to experience the miracle of growing a life inside of me? Every time I asked myself these questions my heart will say pretty badly and I would remind myself that nothing came easy to me in my life, still I never gave up, so why would I give up now without even giving one try? Having a genetic related child was more important than not having any child at all? Why not try for me because this is what I always wanted and for the love of my life?

Even though deep inside I knew that I was desperately to try, the fear of failure was still very loud in my mind and heart. I kept asking myself, what if doesn't work? How would I cope with another miscarriage? How this would affect my marriage? To deal with it I started meditating and running much more that I usually do, now I know that subconsciously I was already getting ready for the treatment. Then one day we went out for dinner and decided let's do it, otherwise we might regret for the rest of our lives. Just like that, the decision was made.

Whist researching about the ideal place to go ahead with the treatment, as we did not have a big budget for it. I kept preparing my mind, my body, and my soul for this journey. My husband was always very supportive and kept saying, let's not put too much pressure on ourselves. We are going to give our best shot and let's see what happens.

We decide that Spain was our best choice; highly recommended from a friend, costs, and easy to find a match because of my background. Just bear in mind that in Spain ED is anonymous, this was not an issue for us, so something to consider if this is important to you. From the moment we decided on the clinic to the actual transfer took 6 months. Only because I had a suspicious of a polyp on my lining so I had to go through a procedure to make sure it was all clear.

In Feb we had the confirmation of a donor matching and by mid march we had our transfer. BFP first attempt!

I believe that the very firt step is being 100% sure that this is the path for you, perhaps asking yourself crucial questions and listen to your heart. Of course, making sure that your husband is on the same page as you.

Once you are sure about your decision, choosing the place comes down to; cost, anonymous or not, if is abroad or in the UK how easy would be to find a match. In our case we didn't want endless info about the donor, just medical history and the check list of all the tests performed prior treatment. This was crucial for us and it became very expensive in the UK, as some of the tests on the donour were not part of the package so the final pricing was way above our budget.

I am not sure if this was of any help, but if you have any question I am here.

Big  ^hugme^



Also very sorry for everything you have been through .  It must be heart braking.

The post from Mac78 seems very thorough and helpful.

I also had 4 own egg treatments last year and various other things previously and am having double donor IVF in the UK. I am 43 and it was a process getting here and the processing continues. I find the DCN Donor conception network helpful and various books and podcasts too. Maybe as single i really need/ value forums and other forms of support too.

I found the Consultant and co ordinater at clinic helpful at the start and even with the Covid shut down for 3 months it has been about 7 months from first appointment to recent transfer.    The non annonimity was really important for me and staying in the UK felt more managble in other ways too.

I continue to seek advise and support from others who have travelled this path and am slowly finding moments of peace with the decisions and complexites i feel are involved . Also the clinic counsellor , who i have lots of phone sessions with, was so experienced and reassuring .  Not sure if any of this is useful, and best wishes in finding the best ways forward from here xx

Hi, I am sorry to know you are going through this. In general, eggs of young donors are used in IVF DE, so the risk of miscarriage is much lower. I would recommend discussing all of the options you have with yr doc, and then decide on further steps. x


Saw your post and wanted to say hello.

First Iím so sorry for your losses.

We went for DE after four failed own egg IVF.

We used Altrui and went with their first match. I got pregnant first time with the donor egg and had our daughter last year.

She looks nothing like me at the moment - sheís just like her dad - but to be honest this could have been the case if my eggs. I adore her and am so happy I decided to go with this path.

Iím having an embryo transferred tomorrow with one of our frozen embryos.

I donít think there are any guarantees in life. I canít say itíll work or wonít result in a miscarriage and I send you 💗💗💗 but if your consultant has said its your eggs then itís a path thatís worth exploring.

I loved being pregnant and had a very good pregnancy after four devastating years of BFN so i wish you lots of ❤️❤️❤️




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