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Trying again!!! IVF in the time of Corona.
« on: 27/09/20, 21:26 »
What a year 2020 has been we should have had a beautiful baby in May, and got married in September, but the world had other plans.

Feeling very scared and apprehensive as to what our future will hold. Got weighed in for our next round and have had an initial consultation about the changes due to COVID etc. Got really emotional going to the clinic. It feels even more daunting going there alone and knowing that I'll have to the procedures done myself. 

Its been over a year since we had our last fresh transfer which sadly ended in miscarriage

Hoping that we can have a successful implantation again and that this time it will get to term.

Ive had a lot of counseling. but recently been feeling very fearful again about time running out so i think we just need to bite the bullet and get back to it. This will absolutely be our hardest round whether its successful/fails.

Booked in for scratch on 8th Oct and then transfer should be around 8th Nov.

Good Luck to everyone cycling. Sending positive vibes and love to you all.


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    Trying again!!! IVF in the time of Corona.
    « Reply #1 on: 29/09/20, 21:24 »
    @jenstuttz - good luck with your treatment, I keep my fingers crossed for a positive outcome. x