* Author Topic: Fet sept/Oct anyone else freaking out about another lockdown?  (Read 1179 times)

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Absolutely!  My treatment is in Cyprus in Nov/Dec and worried but trying to plan for if it is locked down out there then I would just stay!


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    Offline iklefeet

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    Hey Tiger honey,  how are to doing? I remember you from my cycle last year,  you were always such a positive inspiration, so lovely to see you planning to go again, wishing you all the very best and fingers crossed you get your take home baby for xmas.

    Thanks for your thoughts and positive vibes VanGn, sounds like your trip was a success,  wishing you all the best.

    Leenj, this virus is so terrifying is just so hard to know what the future holds,  I think I'd rather get on a plane than the tube. Let's hope there is a vaccine soon and we can all breath a sigh of relief.

    Hugs and baby dust to all

    Ikle xxx

    Offline Rosie ducks

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    Hi I'm not so worried about lock downs, I live in London and clinic is in central London. I have been driving into the city but it' a real pain. Going forward I think Im going to use public transport in (shouldn't be busy on the way in) and taxi out. It'll cost a lot but I hopefully it'll only be for a few appointments.

    I am freaking out that my FET is going to fail, I've had three failed transfers so far. We are transferring one PGS embryo (retrieved when I was 43) and I just feel it won't take. This is the first time using a tested embryo and my doctor says it has a 70% chance and I should be excited and hopeful but I'm just feel flat!

    Offline VanGn

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    Sorry to hear that Rosie ducks.  Totally understandable for you to feel apprehensive.  Just try and relax dear.