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Omnom's journey for a sibling or ✌️
« on: 24/08/20, 18:09 »

Been meaning to start a diary for a while so here goes ☺️.

Our history:
DH: 41 (Construction) and Me: 27 (SAHM).
Originally worked for the same company.
Met in late 2014.

2015 to 2017
So for 2 years we were TTC naturally. In the beginning we were naive enough to plan which month we would fall. 🙈 I suspected I had PCOS after 6 months as my cycles were so wacky and elongated. Tracking them was impossible and ovulation sticks quickly became a waste of time and money. I was so disheartened by the end. My awful GP reluctantly referred me to the hospital for further tests.

December 2017
We were refused NHS treatment because of my low BMI. I was never actually tested for fertility issues and they were happy with DH's sperm results (4% normal). I was asked to gain weight and return in 6 months. Despite the fact I'd tried desperately many times in the past, they simply wouldn't listen and we knew the time trying to gain weight would be in vain, so after much discussion, we decided to go privately.

Nuffield Hospital confirmed my PCOS and were unphased by DH's latest sperm morphology result (2%). 6 cycles of clomid later and we had 1 successful round but ended in miscarriage @6wks. They recommended we try IUI however we were concerned with DH's low morphology and wanted to move forward with ICSI.

We left Nuffield and started researching IVF abroad. The UK costs were just eye watering. During this time, lots of gorgeous babies were being announced in the family and at work and I was finding it unbearable to cope. Everyone was so kind and understanding. I can still remember how guilty I felt. Discovering Reprofit shortly after came as a huge relief!

Early 2019
In the lead up to our first IVF, my PCOS symptoms all but disappeared and haven't (touch wood) shown up since. Think the clomid may have helped my cycles to self-regulate. Few tests at Reprofit confirmed that DH has teratozoospermia and the ICSI would thankfully bypass this. Woo! It was our first bit of good news in years.

June 2019 - Live cycle at Reprofit, Brno. 1 fresh embryo transferred with 3 on ice ❄️. Flew to Las Vegas at the end of June to get married on 3rd July. Offical test day was 4th July and was a very strong BFP 🥳.

After a very enjoyable and surprisingly uneventful pregnancy, our beautiful son, Beaux, was born on 14th March 2020. I'll attach the link to his birth story. He's an absolute treasure! So chilled and low maintenance. Bit nervous that the next one might come as a shock for us if they're not like him in any way. That hasn't put me off though!

Being the impatient lady that I am, I originally agreed to wait until the beginning of 2021 before our first FET but I managed to butter the husband up and bring it all forward to November of this year. Yay! DH always dreamt of a big family one day so when it comes to babies, he doesn't take much convincing, thank goodness.

We are currently in contact with our lovely coordinator, Eva. She was fabulous during our first cycle so I emailed a few weeks ago to ask what we needed to do to prepare for November's FET. Looks like we need the transvaginal scan and blood tests for TSH and prolactin so I've arranged these for 10th September using ultrasound-direct. Then Reprofit can then provide my FET protocol. Eeeek!

I'm super excited and I feel I should be exercising more caution. Beaux will be nearly 8 months when we start this initial FET and everytime I look at him I'm reminded just how incredibly lucky we were to fall last year. Even with 3 frosties waiting for us, it doesn't guarantee us a sibling. We can still hope with everything we have though. Feeling as passionate about this FET as I did before, it's just this time I'm wanting it even more so for my little family as I do for myself.

We've talked about what might happen if the FETs fail. It's hard to know where I might be mentally after those months of disappointment. Physically I could go ahead with another live cycle, of course. Its just wondering how I might be coping mentally. If I feel at any point that I'm no longer giving Beaux my very best self, then we may have to reevaluate the future. He deserves a happy, healthy mummy who can give him all the love and attention he needs.

Since my sons birth, I've gained a stone in weight so I'm 9st 4lbs and now a healthy BMI. Currently I'm still showing zero PCOS symptoms and (whether it be down to the pregnancy, weight gain, etc or not) I have regular cycles lasting 30-35 days. Feeling quietly confident that we should be good to go ahead without delay. Beaux is on the verge of 6 months so he's reaching an exciting learning phase now and we're in the early process of moving house again too, so September is incredibly busy for us and serves as the perfect distraction. I'll blink and it will be time to start taking meds.

Hopefully 🤞.

In the mean time I'm going to keep snuggling our little man! He's very recently been accepted for a modeling agency in London so I've arranged for a professional photoshoot and I'm itching to take him! Time to get together some lovely outfits I reckon.

Till the next time 👋 xx

Feel free to PM if you have any questions!

*Beaux's birth story

** For anyone that is looking to cycle with Reprofit, Brno - a follow forum member, Dodoro, has kindly put together this website: https://ivfbrno.com/
Totally worth checking out, it's a plethora of invaluable info.


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    Omnom's journey for a sibling or ✌️
    « Reply #1 on: 10/09/20, 20:53 »
    Today was the scan and bloods with ultrasound-direct.

    I had the same lady who did all my scans for Beaux which was lovely. The results showed nothing out the ordinary. Some minor signs of polycystic ovaries but there's a dominant follicle so she wasn't concerned. Everything else looked great and she can't see why we couldn't go ahead in November. I'm going to wait a week now for my blood results. Fingers crossed we have more good news.

    Been keeping an eye on the news and we're going to be all good to travel to the CZ even with the quarantine period. DH has barely taken any time off this year so it doesn't affect his work and I'm still on maternity. Slightly worried about them restricting air travel though. Hopefully that won't be the case 🤞. Eager to get started.

    👋 xx

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    Omnom's journey for a sibling or ✌️
    « Reply #2 on: 16/09/20, 18:59 »
    Opened my emails up to see my new protocol from Reprofit!

    I didn't realise how simplified a FET cycle is in comparison to our live one:

    Live protocol - 2019
    CD2 - Puregon inj daily until CD12
    CD8 - Scan to check follicles, lining etc
    CD9 - Cetrotide inj daily until CD12
    CD10 - Scan again
    CD13 - Trigger shot (Buserelin)
    CD15 - Egg collection
    CD20 - Egg transfer
    CD20 evening - Estrofem (x3, daily) and Utrogestan (x2 daily) until OTD. Then continued till week 12 if BFP.

    FET protocol - 2020
    CD2 - Estrofem x3 daily till told otherwise
    CD10/12 - Scan to check lining
    Utrogestan to be added x2 daily after the scan if all good
    CD20/21 - ET 👍

    I thought I'd be jabbed up to my eyeballs again. I'm relieved in a way. Got to say that the nerves are kicking in again though. Just waiting for my coordinator to email over my prescriptions so I can get them ordered ready for November. Can't wait to tell DH once he gets home.

    Beaux is really starting to take to his new sleeping arrangements in his own room. We're both sleeping miles better for it. He used to cry when his pacifier fell out but now I watch him on his monitor and he'll just scoop it back in and he's snoring in no time. I love it. He's such a contented, little soul. Could I be so lucky to have another one?!

    I was wondering (way, way, way further ahead than I should) about what the arrangements might be for those giving birth next year. I wonder if they'll have eased the ruling on birth partners and how long they can stay? In an ideal world, if I ever fell again, then I'd check that it was safe to do so and hire a birthing pool at our new house. Staying over night at the hospital was the worst bit for me. We're 5 minutes away from our hospital in an emergency situation so I'm sure we'd be OK to home birth.

    Like I said, much too far ahead 😂. Can't help getting carried away!

    👋 xx