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Life as mummy
« on: 28/08/20, 22:08 »
I guess I'm starting this diary a little late into my little boys life, he is nearly 8 months already. Time is flying by! He is getting so big and I feel like I want it to slow down and him to stay small.

This week has been a little tough. Lots of arguing with the other half. Tonight he has really got my goat and I guess I feel like I need to complain somewhere before I explode so while this diary is meant to be more about Theo then anything I just need to complain. The house is in a bit of a state, we have been trying to re do the decking but its taking its time between the weather and having to do work around Theo. I try to clean throughout the day while the other half is in work but I have a baby to look after as well as my self and while doing other jobs too. Other half just doesn't understand this and keeps moaning that things aren't getting done, he needs to help me out more but he won't and he won't listen to me either.


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