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A new thread for all you ladies having treatment in September / October  2020

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If you want to be added please let me know  :)

Sharry xx


Thanks Sharry 😊

Go on I'll pop the first post cherry,  morning ladies.

I've just rolled off a failed August cycle and am just waiting for my period to start before I start my protocol to transfer my last little frosty in the hope this one will be a take home babba. We only had three blasts from the last cycle, 1 bfn and a miscarriage at 9 weeks with the one before that so I'm a bit worried the embryos aren't that great despite a 4aa grading or my uterus isn't playing ball.

I had an Aggressive dnc in March and my lining just isn't plumping up as I'd like but I'm hoping the clinic will come up with some ideas this time around and I'm taking lots of vitamin E, liquid,  cut out caffeine and cut back on hiit in favour of weights and walking.

Hoping to find cycle buddies to share my crazy with in the hope we can support each other through the next couple of months.

Hugs all, Ikle x

Hi Iklefeet Iím really sorry to hear your last cycle was BFN. The FET we had in July also didnít work out for us. Iíve moved over from the other board as Iím so far behind everyone else. Have my downreg scan this Thurs and hopefully will start progynova then.

Hope AF turns up for you soon, every time Iím waiting for AF it always turns up a bit later than expected and drives me nuts 🤣

I might join this one too as i'm more Sept / Oct...

Hi Ickle (sorry to call you Iggle before, too much In the Night Garden..). Sorry to hear about your last transfer.

Hi Ducky, sorry to hear about your FET didn't work out in July.

I might join this one too - i'm having my first scan for my FET next week - so hoping for a mid Sept transfer. Fingers crossed.

Rio x

Hi all - hoping to also join this group if that's ok. Started my injections yesterday and am on a short protocol using Gonal F. We had our last go with DH sperm a few months ago which failed (5th time unlucky!) and time is running out so have now decided to just go with donor sperm for the first time as male fertility has always been our issue - although now it is also my age .

Am already quite anxious about this cycle as I am so much older now and its also the first time we are doing just IVF (and not ICSI where we have always had some eggs fertilise) but they prefer that with donor sperm so am in the hands of the Universe and praying we have something decent to transfer.

Hi Ducky - nice to see you again on his thread. Good luck to everyone,  hopefully this will be a lucky cycle for us all.

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