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Hoping you wonderful ladies might be able to advise.  After three failed ICSI / PGD cycles with most of our embryos not getting past day 3 (and only one getting to blast but not good enough to biopsy for PGD), our clinic more or less wrote us off earlier this year.  We recently got second opinions from CRGH and Care London who both suggested Calcium Ionophore AOA (Artificial Oocyte Activation) could help us get blasts next time.  For cost reasons we were hoping to go abroad next time (if I can keep my Covid fears at bay!).  Does anyone know if any of the Czech Republic clinics offer AOA please?  I'm waiting for an email back from Gennet but realise there are quite a few others. 

I had a gut feeling about the Czech Republic but I've also contacted Ghent in Belgium who seem to be the leaders in AOA. Frustratingly they don't offer consultations via phone or video call, and with the current self-isolation rules we're hesitant to travel over there right now just for an initial consultation. 

Any experience or advice would be massively appreciated.

L x


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