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Hi everyone,

I have been worried about posting this as it will be a trigger for anyone who has had losses so please don't read if the talk of loss is upsetting.

I have been on lots of forums where people talk about their losses but haven't come across anyone who has had a similar experience to me.
I have been doing fertility treatment and have had 3 rounds of IVF and four transfers.  All my embryos have been PGS normal, and with that I have had two biochemicals, one 5 week and one 6 week loss.  It has been a very challenging 2.5 years.  Still no living children. 

My question is about how people feel during a miscarriage/early loss after a transfer.

Each time, I go on progesterone for 5 days pre transfer.  I always feel completely normal with no progesterone symptoms.  I have the transfer and on day 2, the fullness around my lower pelvic area and random twinges, very dull light cramps start.  I also lose my appetite.

This continues for however long the pregnancy and then for each loss, there has been a light switch moment to where I feel a sharper twinge, and then suddenly all the fullness feeling and twinges are gone.  My appetite is back and the pregnancy ends. 

Each time it has happened and I have known each times as soon as it happens. 

The doctors all say the symptoms could be related to progesterone, but I really don't think they are as I'm on progesterone for the days before transfer and don't feel anything and as soon as the light switch moment happens, the pregnancy symptoms are gone.  I always end up staying on progesterone a few more days to confirm the loss and during those days I have no symptoms so I'm 99% sure they are not related to progesterone.

Can anyone else relate to having this light switch moment before a loss and knowing exactly when it happens each time?  One of my doctors said she hears this from people who have had multiple losses as they are so aware of their bodies.

If you have had this experience, have you found any answers?  All my recurrent loss tests come out normal, the only thing elevated to date has been borderline immunes. 

Thanks in advance for your thoughts,


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    I have no experiences to share with you, just wanted to say I am sorry, and wish you all the best on your journey x