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I'm 46 and going to OLGA Fertility for egg donor treatment after natural pregnancies ended in miscarriage, IVF in the U.K. with own eggs etc. sure that if you're on this forum, you have had some experience of the struggles.
After a year's research after my filed IVF (also made longer due to Covid), I've finally settled with OLGA, which, although more expensive than other clinics, has so far offered a great level of care, personalisation and advice compared to the other clinics.

I would be very grateful to hear about your experience with OLGA clinic! 

My main question is actually regarding travel insurance from the U.K. for my partner and me. I was asked to purchase travel insurance with cover to minimum 30,000. I have browsing around and I am not sure at all how to proceed. Could anyone suggest an insurance provider? I was excited to have found www.sureinsurance.co.uk offering specific fertility travel abroad insurance (Medical travel shield), but they confirmed that they cannot provide it for Russia....



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    it's awesome news that you can continue your treatment. Have you asked your clinic to provide you information regarding insurance? They might be more knowledgeable and recommend insurance companies that provide insurance you need. Good luck