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Yeah, so the nice thing about UCLH is they have access to the early fetal clincs,  premature clinics etc. etc. etc. and run all sorts of increased monitoring or research if there are problems.

Because they run the referral clinics for losses and threatened misscaridge then many of the staff have trained accross the units, and if you need access to those service if there is a problem they will just sort it out.  It really does make me feel better to know I have access to some of the countries leading specialists and fetal surgeons in case anything goes wrong.  Their 12 week scan was amazing - they checked so many more things than I have heard some other clinics do.   They also referred me to see an haematologist and endocrinologist so I have someone to talk to about things I am worried about - but that is just me.   The other london ones I would consider would be St. Mary's, St. Thomases, or Kings.   Who did you go with?   I choose UCLH because there are a couple of other ladies on here who recomended it to me, who have high standards and I have got to know on here and trust.  and also becuase it's the easiest one for me to access for check ups, 5-10min walk from the mainline station I travel in from.  I am not easy to please and they have really done a good job so far.   


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