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Buserelin - no period
« on: 1/10/20, 14:57 »
Hi ladies,
I'm preparing for an FET in October, was taking oral contraceptives, then started on buserelin 9 days ago. I'm due to go for my first scan tomorrow to check my lining has shed and the down regulation has worked, but my period hasn't started yet. I've had some mild spotting today, but no real flow. Has anyone else been in this situation?


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    Buserelin - no period
    « Reply #1 on: 1/10/20, 15:30 »
    Hi Amayb,

    Iím on day ten of down reg with buserelin still waiting for my bleed too! Hoping it will be soon but my down reg scan is on day 15 so a few days to go. Iím not sure of what the next step would be but didnít want to read and not reply. Hoping your bleed comes soon x