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Hello all,
 I am 6wks and 5 days pregnant, I am on prygynova and Cyclogest medications.
For 2 days I had severe cramps as it was on the weekend I decided to call the clinic this morning.
I spoke to one of the nurses and she advised I take the cyclogest pessaries vaginally for some days as opposed to Rectally. That it will help to stop the cramps.

Now, my worry is I have been taking rectally all this while and donít want any change affecting  this pregnancy negatively . I have waited 16years to get this positive result and In my past treatments I took the pessaries vaginally, this is the only treatment I took rectally and it worked for me.... May be it in my mind but I donít want any negative impact.. :'(

Pls Has anyone had the experience of changing how they administer cyclogest to stop pain??

Pls help! ^help^



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    Offline Saltysea

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    Hey Sweetmother

    I havenít had a successful pregnancy yet myself but often take the Cyclogest as Luteal support. I always alternate with where I take them, really just mix it up so it suits my day and plans. And the one thing I have never had is a breakthrough bleed or any issues one would expect with progesterone malabsorption. The Cyclogest active ingredient should be absorbed either route (rectal or vaginal) within 15mim. I really really wouldnít worry, itís the same sort of absorption/metabolism mechanism. Taking it orally though would be a completely different thing.

    Offline Sweetmother

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    Thanks Saltysea for your encouraging response, I didnít know cyclogest gets absorbed that quick. The cramps stopped this morning and Iím due for my pessaries dose anytime now. I will be doing them the V way, fingers crossed  ^pray^

    I hope all goes well for you too.
    Sending baby dust your way  ^fairydust^

    Online BEmama

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    Cyclogest rectally gave me cramps and diarrhoea, I only used it for a day or two and then switched. It worked out okay!  ^hugme^

    Offline Sweetmother

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    @Bemama, it makes sense now with the diarrhoea I have been having.
    Thanks for your response. I am only scared Of pushing too deep. Not to hurt the precious bean  ^pray^, sounds silly innit  ^idiot^. Donít mind me.
    Itís Really an emotional journey coming this far.



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    Iíve done them both ways - my consultant said that was fine for me xx