* Author Topic: Over 50's Ladies - Part 4  (Read 50188 times)

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Over 50's Ladies - Part 4
« Reply #340 on: 4/01/21, 23:11 »
Hi thereismore, sorry you have this hurdle, you need to take progesterone for a minimum of 9 days to induce a bleed otherwise your lining won’t shed, good idea as clinic have said to go in and see a gyne, maybe a hysteroscopy will be done to check the your lining. Good luck.
I managed to have my resection of the internal csection scar, I had a 15mm fault in the scar so that surgery apparently went well, so at least that has been taken care of, our countries borders are still shut so no travel still for the foreseeable future  ::)


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    Over 50's Ladies - Part 4
    « Reply #341 on: 5/01/21, 16:56 »
    @Stacey10  glad your surgery went well. Thanks for the info on the progesterone, I started taking that last night.
    I managed to speak to my GP today to get a referral to a gynaecologist. Hopefully that won't take too long.
    We're in full lock down again until mid Feb.
    Hopefully this will all be over soon

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    Over 50's Ladies - Part 4
    « Reply #342 on: 9/01/21, 23:40 »
    Hello, I am 51 years and will be 52 in May. Can anyone recommend clinics in the UK that treat my age for double donation, or embryo donation. Look forward  to hearing any good news on this front! Thank you.